OMG! PS4 is a thing! Should Nintendo pack up shop and fold in this console generation?

Sony’s event has come and gone. Twitter is aflutter with cries of Nintendo’s demise, and the doom and gloom of the Wii U. Is Nintendo in trouble? Should the fans of the Wii U be worried?

Well, yes and no. Read on to hear my thoughts, and tell us yours in the comments.

Man these arguments are starting to sound familiar aren’t they? The 3DS was supposed to have a profound impact on the downfall of Nintendo. “There are no games!” the masses cried. “The dedicated mobile gaming space is dying!” screamed the alarmists.

Fast forward to 2013 and the 3DS is the hottest selling console in Japan, and selling very well globally as well. There are tons of games down the pipeline, and Nintendo’s little 3D console looks like it may reach the success of its predecessor.

The Wii U is in a somewhat similar, but slightly different spot as the 3DS was in 2011. What we have to ask ourselves is what did Nintendo do to bring the 3DS boon that we are seeing right now?

Price drop

Right now, Nintendo is in a unique position with the Wii U. Had Sony gone and announced that they had a SKU of the PS4 available at the $350 price point, then Nintendo may have had to take action. As it stands, for all we know the PS4 could retail for $450 and Nintendo won’t necessarily be forced to reduce the price of the Wii U.

That is a blessing and a curse for Nintendo because right now, the $300-$350 price point of the Wii U just isn’t hitting the sweet spot for consumers. If Nintendo could release a Wii U SKU at the magical $250 price point, I think that it will be a big boost for the console sales-wise, as well as a confidence booster for developers saying that the Wii U is a force to be reckoned with.

Just like the 3DS, the Wii U needs something dramatic, like an excellent new Mario title to drive sales. A price cut wouldn’t hurt, but I’m not sure I will be holding my breath for that one.

Mainstream game franchise release

For the 3DS, the games to really kick the console into gear were Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land (with a side of Ocarina of Time 3D). Nintendo must have been closely following the 3DS trends as they have already announced that there is another Zelda remake on the way in Windwaker HD and that they are in development of a new Mario Kart and a 3D Mario Action Title for Wii U.

What does this mean? Well, not much yet. Not until we actually see the games in action anyways. However, if the Metacritic for the last Mario
and Mario Kart titles are anything to go by, then I think we will be in good hands. My only hope is that Nintendo tries something completely unique for the Wii U iterations of the games, if for any reason than to show other developers what is possible on the console. Only time will tell, but I certainly will not be packing up my console to sell at GameStop any time soon.

Boom. I just showed you the path to success for Wii U. Sure, it may have some hiccups along the way, but the 3DS surely isn’t on life support. Even with the reveal of PS4, I’m not scared for the Wii U either.

10 Responses to OMG! PS4 is a thing! Should Nintendo pack up shop and fold in this console generation?

  1. Twilight_Prince says:

    PS4 coming in last confirmed with no innovation, and no exclusives.

  2. Tanner says:

    It really just screamed much of the same as the PS3 to me with a little bit of Skynet. I really think the Wii U is fine and seems to be going in the same cycle as the 3ds. I see a price cut E3.

  3. Matthew Case says:

    The PS4 will be the same as the PS3. Juzst better Ai and more of the same. it will agains cost $600.00 with no real innovation othe rthan copying Nintendo with their own gamepad. I am tiriee of sony and Mocrosoft copying nintendo with verything . We will never learn? With no inovation to the PS4, I don not see any threat to Nintedno in the long run. I feel that one of these three companies will have to call it quits after this consoel race. I don’t believe it will be Nintendo. It wil most likely will be Sony. They have the most to lose.

  4. Jared says:

    I just wish I had another game to play on my Wii U besides Nintendo Land…my own fault for buying a system on release day, I guess. In any case, looking forward to the types of games on the PS3 that I enjoyed also being on PS4…FF, MGS, Uncharted…

  5. Loren says:

    The controller is interesting but I have not idea how the touch pad will be utilized. No game really popped out at me saying that I need to get this. The tech demos are pretty but again just tech demos. I think Nintendo is fine because they have franchises that keep you coming back. I do agree it has been a VERY SLOW 3 months of waiting. I wonder if any new indies will coming out in the EShop for WiiU probably just demos.

  6. raindog469 says:

    So, just to recap….

    Sony has announced a Steambox… minus Steam or any other common PC APIs.
    With an Ouya controller… minus Android support.
    With ripoffs of both the Kinect and the Wiimote… minus anything announced but some tech demos.
    With 1080p versions of PS3 franchises… minus actual PS3 compatibility.

    Oh noes, death of the Wii U predicted. In about 2020.

  7. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    Meh. I’ll probably get it on launch, just for my love of JRPG’s.. but really? I was a little disappointed at the announcement. Not as a Nintendo fan really, but as a fan of high-spec’d powerful machines.

    The 8GB of DDR5 is good.
    8 core AMD probably @ a clock speed of >>

    (probably the 720 as well) it will be doing most of the work doing GP-GPU stuff, which is great. Actually this is a huge benefit to the WiiU, since they will all be VERY easy to make cross-platform games. I see nothing but a victory for Nintendo by going this route a year earlier. Good job Ninty. I think you may just keep those 3rd parties around, cheaper development, and ease of porting.

    Not to mention Nintendo can survive just purely on it’s own IP’s, as it has proven time and time again. I can’t wait for the games, and I’m about to try out MH3U.. see ya!

  8. GiantStuffedAnimals says:

    Not really. Nintendo did something that no one has done yet. And they did it back in the 80s. Ever heard of cradle to the grave marketing. Look at how many people can recognize super mario theme songs. Some who have never even played a video game in their life. Nintendo was originally a very kid friendly company. Hence one parents would invest in. Cradle to grave marketing is not a new concept but one which nintendo thought of YEARS in advance. Sony and Microsoft lost a generation to this idea and it is what is Nintendo’s staying power and the foundation of it.

    Will they loose share and sales to new shiny graphics and experiences. Yes. Have they yet to show the full abilities of the Wii U no. So there is still room for them to gain footing. Think about it even the GAMECUBE had 3D built in.

    Nintendo plans for the future, silently, but they plan for the future none the less. And as later stories revealed they also have back up plans.

  9. The Adza says:

    It’s still only early days yet. If the games situation is like it is now in a year, then we will have something to worry about. But even then, it could benefit us Wii U owners by Nintendo going all out and surprising us all. The pattern seems to be when Nintendo gets their back to the wall, they pounce forward big time. For example the 3DS. Not selling well, then boom. And after the lacklustre sales of the Gamecube. Boom! The Wii becomes a phenomenon.
    Don’t ask me how they are going to do it this time with the Wii U. It’s definitely a more tricky console experience to convey to the masses. It wants to be a core console but doesn’t have the grunt to appeal to the people who already have a 360 or PS3. It wants to be casual as well with the touch controller but doesn’t have the immediate wow factor like using a Wiimote for the first time did.

    I believe Nintendo can make big things of the Wii U through content, and they certainly are going about it the right way by supporting indie development and publishing other companies games such as Bayonetta 2 and Lego City Undercover and a couple of others, but there is a desperate need for more of this. More working with outside dev teams like Namco on SSB and Atlus on SMT vs Fire Emblem. It’s a good start but there really needs to be more stuff like this announced. Another Sega developed F Zero. Stuff like that. There would be plenty of franchises that Nintendo could ask other companies to develop and they pay the publishing costs while their own in house dev teams work on creating new and exciting IP’s. That’s what needs to happen, and Nintendo are taking baby steps in getting there like Retro helping out on Mario Kart 7. But it’s time for big steps now Nintendo.

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