New world record – lowest Super Mario Bros score ever

RecordSetter, formerly known as the Universal Records DataBase, has proclaimed 700 points to be the lowest Super Mario Bros score ever. Check out the video above to see the glorious 7 1/2 minute run, avoiding all goombas, koopas, time bonuses, and all but one coin. p.s. I’m a current world record holder!

Check these out: Every Wii trailer Nintendo showed this week

Nintendo headlined E3 with Wii U this week. But they did show a few Wii games, some of which look like a lot of fun. Although not enough to keep Wii owners interested until the release of Wii U next year, here’s everything Nintendo showed for Wii this week: 

The weekend starts here…

Oh, yeah! Here’s what I’m playing this weekend (spoken in my best nerd-brag accent). What are you playing this weekend?

Super Mario in real life

Thanks, Andrew.

That’s it—I’m buying a backlit GBA SP

What better way to replay Minish Cap and other GBA classics than on the AGS-101. Just eBayed one. Can’t wait to play it. (NOTE: I bought the original silver frontlit one in the spring of 2003)

Watch Derek show off 3DS AR games

When he’s not co-hosting the podcast or writing witty columns for Infendo, Derek makes a living as a YouTube vlogger. And if you haven’t seen all the AR Games including with the 3DS, you need to watch his smile-inducing sample of ’em all. See also: Part 2 Part 3

Here’s the first Nintendo 3DS TV commercial in North America

What do you guys think? [source: Nintendo 3DS Blog]

3DS to be popular with recreational drug enthusiasts – sound visualization revealed

Looks cool and we can’t even see it in 3D! [source: Nintendo 3DS Blog]


The augmented reality playing cards included with the 3DS (currently being pawed and played in Japan) are as much for the enjoyment of the player as they are for the minds of third party developers. If your mind—player or developer—isn’t racing with ideas after viewing this video (2:00 mark onward), you may have been secretly lobotomized as a young child.

Like many Mario compilations before it, Mario Sports Mix getting mixed reviews

Not unexpected. For those who have played it, what do you think? Worth $50?