Here’s the first Nintendo 3DS TV commercial in North America


What do you guys think?

[source: Nintendo 3DS Blog]


  1. Kinda cool.

  2. This is a pretty clever solution to the problem of showing 3DS in action in an ad–emphasizing depth and the idea that the screen’s a window into a little virtual world. I like the tag line, too.

  3. I think I prefer the UK tagline, “Believe your eyes”.

  4. And therein lies the problem with 3DS. Ads just won’t convey what this system is all about. I think it all hinges on people playing one for themselves. This is one case in which word of mouth and personal experience is clearly going to trump any of Nintendo’s ad campaigns, even a pretty decent one like this.

  5. They nailed it. I was on the fence about getting one but that commercial honestly just peaked my interest in it again. Its not the most informative commercial but it definitely served its purpose in getting me pumped again for the 3DS. ‘Take a look inside’ is right on the money.

    Also notice that there wasn’t a first party game in sight. This is going to be an interesting year for portable gaming.

    …and Augmented Reality much.

  6. steel diver is first party(first game in comercial with subs)

  7. damn. either way, no nintendo mascots.

  8. Really? I thought it was a little too gamer-ish, not as professional as the “Wii would like to play” commercials. I haven’t seen the U.K. commercials, but I like the Japanese 3DS commercials more than this. Not saying that it’s bad, it’s all about taste, really. I just like how the Japanese commercials are more “clean cut.” (for lack of a better term.)

  9. Even though it was the 1st Nintendo 3DS commercial they have out here in the US, it could have shown off a bit more than the games. I mean, what about being able to show clips of like the Mii Maker or something else on the portable like small footage of the eShop that we saw before. Nice attempt at a commercial Nintendo, but they’ll get better with more commercials as the months go on hopefully.

  10. It’s certainly doesn’t quite pack the power of the “Wii have come to play” ads.

  11. For a commercial that’s supposed to be about drawing you into the game, seeing a nerdy gamer face in the background of the action doesn’t help in the suspension of disbelief. But it is a decent way of portraying the 3DS’s features without relying on “douchebag reactions”.

  12. Video is cool but game not worth 50 bucks.

  13. I like the tagline! it fits, because the 3D doesn’t really pop out, its the depth. cool commercial!