Nintendo Classic Commercials Never Let Us Down

Yesterday I posted about the new Kim Cattrall Nintendo commercial and how it mixes two pop culture icons, Sex in the City and Mario (Mairio if you pronounce it like she does).  It is a cool commercial, but it made me miss the old Nintendo commercials.  The ones that were cheesy, but had some actual thought behind them.  So, to ease my reminiscing mind, I decided to post some of the classic commerc...

See Robin Williams slay moblins in this new Skyward Sword commercial

[youtube][/youtube] I loved Robin Williams in his many theatrical performances such as Hook and Dead Poets society, but  when I found out he named his daughter after my favorite video game franchise of all time, my love for him went up by the power of ten. Now Robin and Zelda are in a new commercial promoting the newest game in the franchise, Skyward Swor...

Nintendo, would you please advertise the 3DS? For real this time?

Hey, The Lion King’s 3D re-release topped the box-office charts over the weekend! (Go Simba!)  Wouldn’t that have been the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to stick pre-movie ads for a certain little handheld game machine? Then again, at this point, wouldn’t anyplace be a great spot for some 3DS advertising?

Here’s the first Nintendo 3DS TV commercial in North America

[youtube][/youtube] What do you guys think? [source: Nintendo 3DS Blog]

Here’s the TV spot for Super Mario Galaxy 2

[youtube][/youtube] Heavy on CG. This also looks nice. (Thanks, Nick)

Official Wii Sports Resort commercial

They should probably have included “shortages expected this winter” in the fine print as well (or is that a given with Nintendo supply chains these days?). Who picked it up?