Nintendo Classic Commercials Never Let Us Down

Yesterday I posted about the new Kim Cattrall Nintendo commercial and how it mixes two pop culture icons, Sex in the City and Mario (Mairio if you pronounce it like she does).  It is a cool commercial, but it made me miss the old Nintendo commercials.  The ones that were cheesy, but had some actual thought behind them.  So, to ease my reminiscing mind, I decided to post some of the classic commercials.














On a side note, I would like to wish my daughter, Vyveca, and My Step-Son, Cameron, both a very Happy Birthday today!


















2 Responses to Nintendo Classic Commercials Never Let Us Down

  1. koopa trooper says:

    PAPERBOY! Brings back memories. I just imagined a Wii U version of paperboy where you look at the GamePad and see an alternate first person view of where to aim and throw the paper. That would be sweeeet.

  2. sam says:

    they let me down, wheres the content guys!!?

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