New world record – lowest Super Mario Bros score ever


RecordSetter, formerly known as the Universal Records DataBase, has proclaimed 700 points to be the lowest Super Mario Bros score ever. Check out the video above to see the glorious 7 1/2 minute run, avoiding all goombas, koopas, time bonuses, and all but one coin.

p.s. I’m a current world record holder!


  1. Um, exactly which version of SMB is this? A few things seem off.

  2. What the heck kinda version of Mario Bros is that? It cant be official if its not the original version or SMA, IMO. Is this a rom hack?

  3. skillz (but… wall jump?)

  4. Isn’t it the re-do version from Super Mario All-Stars?

  5. On the Youtube page, he says it’s a graphics-hack version, but with the gameplay code untouched.

  6. I would find it difficult to suppress the instinct to jump on things and grab items for that long.

  7. The ‘wall jumps’ ruined it for me. Skilled, no doubt, but the little glitches were the exploit that really allowed for this. I counted several.

  8. Now that’s just skill right there.

  9. Unggh, ugly game hacks…and for no reason, other than to make it uglier.

    The low score feat is impressive, though.

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