The augmented reality playing cards included with the 3DS (currently being pawed and played in Japan) are as much for the enjoyment of the player as they are for the minds of third party developers.

If your mind—player or developer—isn’t racing with ideas after viewing this video (2:00 mark onward), you may have been secretly lobotomized as a young child.


  1. questions
    1. do you have to plug in the charger? cause in the video it was not
    2. will i be able to play my games while charging? i dont think you can but i dont really know

  2. Jack – you nailed it. I want something like The Eye of Judgment for the PlayStation Eye camera. And Nintendo Power just has to include some exclusive cards at some point.

    @Yellow Bear
    1) Yes.
    2) Per Nintendo: “Users are able to play the Nintendo 3DS while charging, regardless of whether the system is plugged into the Charging Cradle or AC adapter. Both are just as effective.”

  3. @Yellowbear
    Well I assume you can play while charging. You were able to do that with the Gameboy and I don’t see why they’d change it..

  4. That, quite frankly, I find MUCH more awesome than the actual 3d effect… the 3D is cool, sure. But it’s a little gimmicky to be selling for so much. This, however… realtime CGI!

  5. @David: Nintendo Power, Wired Magazine, GQ, Vogue — whatever, wherever. Nintendo 3DS or mobile phones, this AR stuff is only going to get more advanced, more fun and more accessible. I’m just glad to see Nintendo is one of the first to make a few demos part of the “starter” package!

  6. I haven’t been able to find a video of it yet, but the AR golf game sounds cool. You play golf and the course is based on the objects the camera sees.

  7. The more I watch this footage the more my wallet tries to sneak out the front door. COME HERE!!!

  8. If you want videos, check out here:


    Their Aussies, so speak English and keep uploading more videos every day!

  9. Looks like you can add “print them at home” to your list of 3DS AR card sources:

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