Japan Nintendo Direct Unboxes Wii U

If you missed today’s Nintendo direct (Japan Edition) you missed three segments on the Wii U.  In the first segment, we saw a Wii U un-boxing by Iwata.  Donning white gloves, he unwraps the console first, then the gamepad.  Something to note in the video below, The Dragon Quest X Wii U Beta is only for Japan. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECqpc6Ses4s&feature=youtu.be[/youtube] ...

3DS in da house! Infendo introduces the most stunning 3DS unboxing on the Internet

Beautiful hardware under warm incandescent lighting. Now I’m off to try software. In the meantime, chew on these (42 images total). 


The augmented reality playing cards included with the 3DS (currently being pawed and played in Japan) are as much for the enjoyment of the player as they are for the minds of third party developers. If your mind—player or developer—isn’t racing with ideas after viewing this video (2:00 mark onward), you may have been secretly lobotomized as a young child.

Infendo presents: The most epic black Wii unboxing the Internet has ever seen

Gather ’round, kids. Let’s unbox the new black Wii! (Click images to advance slideshow.)