Japan Nintendo Direct Unboxes Wii U

Japan Nintendo Direct Unboxes Wii U

If you missed today’s Nintendo direct (Japan Edition) you missed three segments on the Wii U.  In the first segment, we saw a Wii U un-boxing by Iwata.  Donning white gloves, he unwraps the console first, then the gamepad.  Something to note in the video below, The Dragon Quest X Wii U Beta is only for Japan.













Next, we see some information on the Wii U user accounts.  Each console can hold up to twelve user accounts.  Each account will feature a play log which showcases account activity.  He also mentioned that the Nintendo Network can be accessed on mobile phones and PCs.  It also seems that the gamepad will allow you to take in-game snapshots which can be posted on the Mii Verse.













Finally, we move onto Wii Chat.  Iwata spoke to Reggie in Japanese, and Reggie tried to speak, in Japanese, to Iwata.  Video chat seems to have some picto chat elements, as you can draw pictures to your friend as you speak.














Obviously, this Nintendo Direct was tailored to Japan, and some features might be localized.  However, it is nice to see some more focus on the Wii U features that we have not heard a lot about thus far.  What are your thoughts?

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