DSiWare underwhelmed in its first year, no?

[youtube][/youtube] Nintendo unceremoniously reminded everyone today that DSiWare is one year old. “In just one year’s time, the Nintendo DSiWare service has offered more than 150 downloadable games and applications that illustrate the service’s reputation as a playground for creativity,” the company said in a statement, while relea...

This new Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer will put fire in your belly

[youtube][/youtube] Guaranteed. As a side note, I could listen to this music all day.

Here’s how you’ll play WarioWare D.I.Y on DS

[youtube][/youtube] I’m telling you, it’s all comedic mischief. Game drops March 28. Anyone buyin’?

Quick NBA Jam footage teases Wii owners

[youtube][/youtube] I can see the Boomshakalaka getting old fast, but those graphics won’t.

Here’s what Nintendo’s newest RPG looks like

You heard me. This is an RPG disguised as a scuba diving simulator. And for $30, out tomorrow, it’s worth your consideration. Anyone buying?

If Konami made Duck Hunt

Life would be awesomer.

Rumor: Netflix streaming coming to Wii, iPhone very soon

A quick confession: I watch more TV shows and movies on my Xbox 360 than I play games. I don’t know why this is exactly. I guess I can only play a game where I’m shooting things so many times before I realize, hey, I’m still playing games where I’m shooting things. But anyway. More seriously, and more apt for this site, Netflix is rumored to be eyeing both the iPhone and th...