You call that Mario Kart? This is Mario Kart!

Bigger is better?


  1. Well I have to say I’m quite surprised but Nintendo’s been a little bit disingenuous here. They’re comparing a DSi XL to a DS lite in the video rather than the increasingly standard DSi – almost certainly because the DSi’s screens are larger which would make the beneffit of the XL seem smaller.

  2. damn it’s hiiuuuuge!!!!
    so it’s good for people whodont have good vision?

  3. ok so if the 1st gen ds is the ds Phat, what is this?
    You will need an adapter, because most pantz pockets are incompatible;
    (not backwards compatible)
    Plus making an DSi this big, and still no room for a GBA slot, it big enough for a N64 cartage slot!!

  4. Obligatory “UK gets this first? No fair!” comment.

  5. does that stylus even fit inside it?

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