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Demo this dog, dang it!

Look, I know Nintendogs + cats isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Honestly, I understand (animal haters!) But now that eShop has a FREE DEMO of N+c available for download RIGHT NOW, every 3DS owner should give it a spin. Why?

Bits, bobs, and a fun fact from the 3DS world

Just a  little  gathering of 3DS mini-news and trivia: So far, so good for Nintendo Video: as promised, the company delivered three new 3D videos via Spotpass. Bearshark is, by far, the most fun and twisted of the bunch–and it’s

Tell Infendo about your StreetPass experience

I think we can all agree that StreetPass is one of the most alluring features of the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately for me, I live in a small town with a population of about 2,000, and it’s an hour to the

Nintendo sends a surprise guest to some 3DS owners

North American owners of Nintendogs + cats got a Spotpass notice on their devices yesterday, telling them that the 26th President of the United States had dropped by for a visit, bringing along his bull terrier, Pete. The notification included

Review: Nintendogs + cats = Strange, lovable and amazing

If you’re looking for a cartridge that includes Samus Cat, classical music, 3D dog poop, birds flying at your face, Elvis hairdos, RC helicopters and an entire house themed around Super Mario Brothers…boy, have I got a game for you!

My picks for launch title 3D Awards

We’ve entered a new era, and glasses-free 3D is now a very real option for modern gameplay. Nintendo’s 3DS launch lineup presents a wide range of approaches in utilizing the new feature, with varying results. Based on extensive time with