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I think we can all agree that StreetPass is one of the most alluring features of the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately for me, I live in a small town with a population of about 2,000, and it’s an hour to the closest Wal-mart, and five to the closest mall. My count of StreetPass encounters to date comes to a total of…zero.

But I am glad to hear that many of our readers have been more fortunate than I. I’m interested to know how often it happens to you. If you’ve gotten hits on games like nintendogs+cats or Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, let us know! I’m especially curious about that aspect.


  1. Holly, I live in a medium-population area, I carry the 3DS to work most days since launch, and I’ve had 3 regular streetpass encounters and 1 Nintendogs street encounter. It’s fun when it happens; Keep taking your 3DS on out-of-town excursions when you can, and don’t give up!

    Did you get the Nintendogs Teddy Roosevelt spotpass Nintendo sent out? It’s cool to have him in Nintendogs, but I wish he’d been added to Mii Plaza, too.

  2. I live in a small rural village in the UK! Read, NONE!

    I’ve taken it around a few cities though. The penetration isn’t really that deep yet, exited for the future.

  3. I´m also living in a small town in Germany, but i´ve been carrying my 3DS with me to school everyday and to tours to larger cities. Although the school is in a larger town as well, I havn´t had a single streetpass encounter.

    Nintendo isn´t the “big boys” thing here.

  4. 2 Things:

    1. Street Pass Network:

    2. Facebook Communities: such as

    Street Pass communities really help bring out the fun out of the Street Pass feature. We meet and greet in several areas. Even if you’re not part of a major city, these communities help each other out in finding areas inbetween one another. This helps for the smaller-town located areas.

    Two more things:

    1. Public Transportation

    2. 3DS demo locations

    Taking public transits doesn’t guarantee a hit, but more often than not – once you find one you’ll only encourage the other streetpassers to keep taking the same public transport. Definitely a plus.
    Also, the 3DS demo locations (like in Target) are a great place not only to get a free StreetPass from the demo 3DS, but EVERY 3DS OWNER is looking out to get a free hit from there. So more often than not you’ll run into another 3DS owner trying to get the free pass (usually on weekends though).

    🙂 Spread the news folks, the Street Pass experience can definitely be fun and enticing!

  5. @Richard
    Yes, I did get the president and Pete. Thank goodness for SpotPass, or I would be in complete communications darkness with the 3DS.

    Now I have a question for you: have you received President Truman yet? I think he just got sent today.

  6. I have gotten 6 streetpasses,(but every single one was from the same person)

  7. @Holly

    Truman??? Awesome! It just so happens I didn’t bring my 3DS to work today, so I’ll look for it when I get home! Thanks for the heads up!

    This will be so cool if we get every president who had a dog or cat.

  8. I’ve loitered in three local Gamestops and two local gaming stores. One of these Gamestops has a demo unit. I walk around the mall, and the small neighborhood across the street.

    I’ve only gotten one streetpass. In a dream. I was so excited…

  9. @Yellow Bear
    So do you have a friend who owns 3DS? I am actually aware of two people in my area who own the system, but I’m not very familiar with either, so I can’t arrange anything with them. This knowledge is torture!

  10. I live in a very fast growing town (its has tons of people) but I still have none!

  11. took mine to vegas on a road trip from texas. got 38 along the way. i was happy

  12. I have several from a close friend and one from a GameStop that has a demo unit. But just yesterday while looking for a new place to live, I got my first true StreetPass. I get too excited for that glowing green LED. Too excited. I’m in the Sacramento area.

  13. I took mine to my college campus and got about two a day. Not soo shabby for how few have sold!

  14. I got 1 since launch

  15. i live in nyc. i have taken my 3ds with me all over the transit system (sometimes during rush hour) and mostly come back with ZERO. i have a total of two encounters, and i bought my system @ launch.

  16. I live in Brisbane, Australia, and I haven’t had a single time when I’ve left the house since launch where I did not get at least one street pass. Best places have been at the university (always good for at least a couple over the course of a day) and in the CBD (where we’ll often come home with double digit hits). But even just going down to the local supermarket I’m sure to get 1-2.

  17. @supak
    D: You live in NYC and you haven’t hooked up with the Streetpass Community there?
    They’re the most organized group of the Streetpass Community, in my opinion.
    They’re also the fastest growing. Even us in the LA-area can barely keep up with them.

  18. live about an hr away from my capital city and i got to uni there so i travel in take my 3DS and occasionally get streetpasses. 30 to date 🙂

  19. If you live in a fairly suburban or rural area and don’t know other people with a 3DS, take yours with you whenever you visit busy places where you’ll pass lots of people, like malls and movie theaters. I brought my 3DS with me to a zoo the other day, and I got 5 StreetPass connections. It will get easier over time as more people own a 3DS.

  20. Haven’t had much, just a few at Target and BestBuy with the demo units, one on my University campus, and with my best bud. 😐

  21. i live in Kiev, Ukraine. Bought my system at the end of April in NYC. i don’t go to the center of the city and had zero streetpasses here. Visited New York two times since then, got 2 encounters at JFK airport (1 each time) and 6 in NYC. There were 2 Japanese among them, a guy and a girl, i think i met them at the hotel or near it. i also went to Queens and Manhattan where i visited Nintendo World Store. There a shop assistant helped me connect my 3DS to internet & i updated OS receiving the free 3D video clip, the one some of you guys were talking about. Also, @Pinnelot, Nintendo products are considered childrens’ stuff in Ukraine. Weird. But they get the best platformers anyway. Cheers to everyone reading Infendo! Thanks to everybody submitting articles/news/etc. and great comments of course!

  22. iv had about 5, one in my college, and it turned out to be an old mate i have not seen since school! and the other one was while walking to work, i live in a little village, and found some Portuguese guy haha. was well excited though.

    then other ones just while walking around the town centres. is a cool moment when you see the little light flashing

  23. So, I just wanted to add, I am in Afghanistan right now, and today (22 May) I just got my first StreetPass hit, with two people, not once, but twice!

    For me, this was truly awesome! Didn’t get much from it, but glad to have finally done it.

  24. First month was insane. I met more than 60 people and finished the Mii Plaza Puzzle pieces and Find Mii Quest. Now I have no goal for using the StreetPass. No one uses it in Montreal any more. I get one person per week and they mostly play Nintendo DS game. Come on guys, play Nintendo 3DS games that use the streetpass like ridge racer, asphalt 3d, street fighter 4, lego pirates of the caribbean and other. Please!!!

  25. I take my 3DS with me around London (between home and work) and I get around 3-4 hits per week. Sadly though, I used to get quite easily 8+ hits a week but it seems not everyone is carrying theirs around anymore.

    Top tip: take your 3DS to any game store and you should get some hits as some of the staff are likely to have their 3DS’s on them waiting for some precious hits 🙂

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