eShop Launches June 6th

Nintendo has announced that the next big, much-anticipated 3DS system update will become available the evening of June 6th in North America (June 7th in Japan).

They have confirmed that the update will include the eShop and web browser. I’m sure many 3DS owners are hoping that the eShop’s launch will include a free download of Excitebike 3D and Flipnote Studio.

Hooray, 3DS takes a step toward completeness! Personally, as a big fan of the rookie handheld, I can not wait.


  1. When did late May become early June?

  2. ….what Joel said.

  3. Joel and Sam–

    Yeah, it’s a week late. In the history of videogame industry delays, though, at least this one’s fairly minor.

  4. At least for now. Hopefully they bring out the big guns for this one. I’m also a big fan of my 3DS, so come on Nintendo and wow us please 🙂

  5. When is Nintendo doing their E3 presentation? June 7 or 8? It seems like a perfectly logical thing for them to do… part of their presentation will be the e-shop!

    So I think it’s ready to go but in order to toot their horn at E3, they want this to be fresh news.

    In the end, I’m excited to see what they have available. Time to go and buy another points card… I’ve been waiting to buy a couple DSi ware titles for the past month or two so I can have it on the 3DS. (I’m not doing the DSi to 3DS transfer… I gave the DSi to my son so I still have the games there anyway if I want them).

  6. Dammit, Nintendo- makin’ me wait….

  7. This is awesome news. but sort of bummer news. I was all set to update my 3DS in May. They shoudl give us a better heads up about delays. Also, anybody find it strange that not a word on the games or what the eshop will launch with? I thought content was king, according to Iwata.

  8. Also, not a word on pricing. How much will GB and GBC games cost? Like my wii, my 3DS is just sitting there collecting dust. Nice doorstop , Nintendo.

  9. I am fairly pissed at Nintendo considering that I paid $250 just to have to wait for all the cool stuff to come out. Not only that, but I remember them talking about eShop, first party titles, etc. as if we were going to get these features from day one. Also, I wish there was some way to transfer Wii VC titles to my 3DS. I bet they re release a lot of the same games that are currently available on the Wii VC that I already have paid for… Not fair 🙁

  10. Yep, Austin, Nintendo is the worst of the worst when it comes to digital downloads. I used to by VC games, but not anymore. I’d rather support second hand stores anyway.

  11. Are they gonna stream the E3 press conf. in 3d to your 3ds ???

    If they do that it would be epic… And they van stream the 3DS can play streaming video and it’s the day before (in my case ON the day) the E3…

    Come on Nintendo make some magic…

  12. Better start watching those dogs jumping around with Ok Go .. that video just got a termination date, right?!

  13. David–

    I’m gonna miss that video. I’d buy it for a buck if they offered it in the shop!

  14. Pretty much just in time for Nintendo E3 key note.


    probably precautions to tighten security with the whole PSN debacle and such…

  16. I’m not really upset by the delay…I’m just really curious as to what the launch titles will be.

  17. I really want earthbound in 3d visuals on the e shop. I know they won’t put it on there, but it would be cool. But if they don’t put up Metal Gear on the e shop, I will be one upset fellow!

  18. Yay!!!!! im very excited 😀