Nintendo news round-up: Chibiterasu still insufferably adorable and other tidbits

– Okamiden’s US release date of March 15th will be here before you know it. Check out three new trailers (one, two, three), and a couple of tempting pre-order bonuses: the Brush Touch Pen and Okamiden Art Screen Cleaner from Gamestop, and an ungodly cute-beyond-words Chibi Keychain Plush from Capcom. (Press Release)

– A new winner of the Nacho Mama Tees t-shirt in our t-shirt give-away has been randomly chosen! And the winner is… Marc of Cleveland, OH! Is this you? Please get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up with the goods, stat. (Infendo)

– Seattle PI gets their grubby mitts on a 3DS and raves about the experience, especially regarding the included AR (augmented reality cards), boldly asserting that playing the 3DS “is more or less guaranteed to blow your mind.” I am quivering in anticipation. (Seattle PI)

– I laughed way harder at this “tribute” to Nintendogs than I care to admit. With Nintendogs + Cats just begging to be taken to a good home, I guess it’s time to put the old dogs down and prepare for the rise of a 3D breed. (Youtube)

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