Infendo Radio is “unexpectedly” 3DS


Derek takes expectations to task, I loathe sick gaming, and we both discuss the 3DS nitty gritty, in addition to mailbag fielding and sub-$100 gaming. Hope you like it.

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  1. I totally get where you are coming from with this 3ds games shortage guys.. It’s rather disappointing! Still waiting for that “launch window” Reggie! Anywho, I don’t really get the whole.. Shave the weight of the 3ds down.. really? It’s only like.. 12 grams heavier than the DS Lite even.. Not to mention that gargantuan beast knows as the DS XL.. *cough* Blake *cough* Battery life, the top screen size irregularity, and.. the way it doesn’t seal the dust out! That part really drives me crazy.. Hey kids, carry this around in your pocket for streetpass’! Wait.. but.. dust/lint/etc gets in there.. it’s almost criminal. Another great podcast! Out of curiosity, does Blake have a shrine for that “AGS 101” yet? 😛 haha Take it easy guys.

  2. I feel exactly the same about the 3ds. I bought it at launch with steel diver and played it maybe for a week tops and once I opened all the AR games by walking, I didn’t have a thing to do. I tried to take it to a reslaler but they offered me fifteen bucks so I held onto it and am just waiting for ANYTHING else to come out. Good thing I never played ocarina for 64 so it will actually be new to me…

  3. If they Re-Re-launch Mario 64 Thinking that will hold me over Just cause it’s in 3D I will be pissed, they get off there asses and make some new games “NOT JUST PORT THEM OVER”
    o.k. o.k. they can port over Zelda: Wind Waker & Zelda: Twilight princess (if they can) And that would be o.k. & maybe all the Metroid games …. It kinda would be cool to see FF VI & VII come
    to Nintendo 3DS. Other than that tho NEW GAMES DAMN IT!!! …. And what the hell happen
    to the launch games anyways, was not there to be O.o.T. on that list and the internet browser
    not working till the next update (Out at the end of this month … Lets hope) What is with the gaming industry giving us not what they promised (I would rant on Bethsoft & there broken games but lets stay on) … Nintendo and there Launch game saying that O.o.T. was on it and then sticking us with Nintendogs & pilot wings Gerrrrrrrr I want O.o.T. damn it !!! When you say your going to do something or have something then have it If you say your going to have those launch games have them!!! I am not saying that the 3DS is great and all but would be nice if Nintendo would get on the ball and get things rolling 😀

  4. I have been really happy with my 3DS. For me, any game with “by the creator of X-Com” is a killer app to me, so I have been playing “Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars”. I looked online and found 10 launch titles for the 3DS rated higher than average. With that in mind, “There are no games for the 3DS” must be translated to “I want Zelda! Waaahhhhh!”

    The original DS started out slow, because nobody knew how to use the touch screen. I believe the 3DS will be the same. Once the developers really get their minds around 3D, (and the #*$% download shop opens) we will see some awesome stuff.

  5. @TargetBoy
    It’s not so much the fact that “there’s no games for the 3DS”, but merely the fact that not all games are for everyone.

    Not all of us are into racing games, tactic games, arcade flight simulators, fighting games, arcade sub simulators, arcade platformers, and pet simulators ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

    For instance, I got SSFIV3DS, Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, and Pilot Wings Resort.
    I won’t be getting Steel Diver, because I’d only get it for the multiplayer mode since I’m not really into most side-scrolling games…
    I won’t be getting Nintendogs+Cats since I was never really into the series, especially since I need to take extra care of my real dogs…
    I won’t be getting Ridge Racer 3D, since I’m not a racing-fanatic and would often prefer tons of gimmicks with my racing (either Mario Kart style or Twisted Metal style)…
    And I won’t be getting Rayman either… since I never really liked the Rayman series (due to the fact I’m not into most platformers)…

    So… yeah. The games I got lasted me about two weeks, and the only thing keeping me on my 3DS are my DS games + the Mii Plaza. That’s about it.

  6. Why don’t I own a 3DS? Because there aren’t any interesting games for it. Maybe I’ll pick one up when the software library is bigger and more in depth.