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Miyamoto not a fan of licensed game engines

You wanna know why Nintendo games look different? It’s partly because they don’t license the same graphics engines as other developers, says Shigeru Miyamoto, the king of color. “In the video games industry, it seems that the majority of companies

Infendo Review: Spyborgs.
That’s a Ninja not a Spy! Also, a Robot?

The awesome people over at Capcom recently sent me a copy of Spyborgs. An exclusive developed especially for the Nintendo Wii. As a lot of you probably already know, Spyborgs was originally planned as an interactive cartoon mixed with all

GameCube tech demo does things Wii can’t

Countless developers have cited the system’s inherent weaknesses, rather than their own effort, as the catalyst for poor Wii graphics. When footage like this comes along, one can’t help but wonder. Mined by the folks at Unseen 64, this tech

SEGA’s MadWorld doesn’t support 480p

It would seem antithetical for a visually striking Wii game to settle for standard resolution. But according to Matt Casamassina, MadWorld is doing precisely that. The IGN Nintendo editor confirmed in his blog SEGA’s stylish MadWorld does not support 480p

Artist gives dazzling new look to classic games

The Mushroom Kingdom has never looked so beautiful. On his deviantART profile, digital artist Mikaël Aguirre has posted stunning renditions of scenes from gaming’s classic masterpieces. Collectors and gaming enthusiasts may be pleased to know Aguirre works for commission, and

Overlord graphics “blow everything away” on Wii, says developer

Dated graphics got you down? While speaking to Video Gamer, a no-name producer by the name of Dean Scott confidently said he’s got the game for you — an action adventure title dubbed Overlord: Dark Legend, coming to Wii later