Ace Combat devs make good on Wii graphics


According to N4G (sourcing Japanese site Famitsu), the above is one of several initial screenshots for the upcoming Wii exclusive game, Sky Crawlers, from the makers of Ace Combat. Looking good, boys (for a cut scene). Who’s got next? Factor?


  1. Wait is the Wii getting an exclusive game for the sky crawlers movie?

    Jesus Fucking Christ!!! Thats some bitching stuff right there 🙂
    If you haven’t seen the skycrawlers trailer yet i suggest you google it.

  2. for a cut scene….

    Hope real time is nice as well

  3. @Wii Wii

    Are you being facetious? I take my flight-sims seriously. :p

    That’s real time. Look at the plane, it looks good, but you can see “facets” at the end of the wings and bombs, even on an image that small.

    With the the following shot, you can clearly see facets on the plane’s nozzle;

    And before I ramble further, I see this sort of stuff on all the consoles and it’s not going away with this generation.

    Have you not played games like Prime or Galaxy? These gams demonstrate the Wii’s newer components, so things like high levels antiscopic filter — woooo. So this game shouldn’t even be a question of weather those screens are real or not.

    If you put this in perspective, these graphics are great, but I’ve seen this level of visuals on my PC back in 2002/3 on a 9500 pro. A GPU that’s not as capable as the Wii’s GPU. The Wii’s using a GPU that’s derived from the x1xxx generation of ATIs, the same line as the 360. So it’s going to be more capable than my old PC GPU, which drove my games at 1280×1024 on high-detail. And because it’s a console, it doesn’t have the over head of a PC(It’s OS), so it will be able to do more with less.

    Why do people always underestimate the Wii’s capability? From my experience, it’s the younger peeps that have only owned console(s). Ignorance must be destroyed!!! 🙂

    ———— >>

    I’m all for motion controls for some areas, but I would like a good Joystick option for this game and other flight-sims on the Wii. I would also like to see a return of games like X-Wing — If you’ve played this game, you’ll also feel my pain of how things just suck now days. 🙁

  4. cheers bii to taking flight sims seriously. if i can’t stall the plane, i wont play it. except for captain skyhawk- that game rocked. right now i’m still all about IL2 1942, but I’d be all about a realistic wii game!

  5. ps HELL YES to the joystick need- can’t play a flight sim without one!

  6. if it’s from the makers of Ace combat…and if they put as much effort on this as a true ace game, then I’ll definitely get it, not questions asked! ^_^

    lets hope they don’t give us the short end of the stick….>

  7. With how good the ps2 ace combat games look I don’t think there should be any doubt about this being real.

  8. These screens look pretty nice, hope they’re real.

  9. Hope they’re real has a completely different meaning, if you know what I mean. 😮

    I’ve never doubted the Wii’s capabilities, only the developers.

    ———— >>

    I found a cheeseball flight yoke for the Wii, but it’s not what I was thinking about;

    My fear is that accessory makers will think a pivoting base that the Wii sits in, will be good enough as a joystick.

    I had a CH Flight Stick Pro when I was younger. It was a great stick. I bought one of those Logitechs with the rotating sick for rudder control to replace it, because it was cheap, well, it IS CHEAP — it’s worst stick I’ve ever used. My original Flight Stick was leaps and bounds better.

  10. Hmmmmm That you tube was for the movie coming out. The Wiimote and nunchuk will serve as the throttle (to control speed) and control sticks (to control the aircraft) respectively. Other maneuvers will be unlocked, allowing players to go behind enemy aircraft and perform advanced flight actions. Specific details on how controls will work in the title are still scarce, but we expect to hear more before the game’s scheduled fall release in Japan.
    This is a tie in with the upcoming Mamoru Oshii anime flick. Last movie was ghost in the shell with the Dive for you track by boob boom Sat.

    Is this a Nintendo ware project? Time will tell. If they can do volumetric cluds in real time on the Wii then I will be very impressed! Soom good noraml maps and compression and I can believe this but hey sonic unleashed is for the Wii also so I don’t know , even that game have realistic lighting even though it may be baked into light maps.

    I can’t wait has the PS2 transition begun? Maybe so?

  11. If you zoom in on the cockpit real close you can see Tom Cruise giving us the finger.

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