The problem with video game marketing today

Top Spin 3
Here is a recent promotional line taken from a 2K print advert for Top Spin 3, a game I’m particularly excited for excluding the below reason:

Evolutionary Visualsâ„¢ (Apparently, 2K owns the trademark on better graphics) – Watch in real time as your players get progressively hotter, sweatier, and dirtier while competing at breathtaking venues.

Watching a character become progressively soiled does not sound fun, nor is it fun to watch — although it may be expected in a realistic simulation game. Nothing wrong with evolutionary graphics, but let’s keep things in perspective, m’kay?


  1. However…..if the player will scratch him or herself between matches, I”m in!

  2. I wonder at what point the characters have to take a bathroom break and we have to sit there for five minutes until they have fully wiped. Now that is a simulator.

  3. I just glanced at the pic and thought it was a photo before looking again. So yes, I’m on board for whatever realism they can add!

    Nothing wrong in my book with making players look like they went through a match by the end of it. Honestly, no one’s socks are still white after playing on clay! Generally your shirt even gets streaks or brown or green! This genuinely could add immersion for me.

  4. All I want is realistic player fatigue.

  5. All i want is for no more gay games like tennis.

  6. I would love to see any sort of realism in sports games on the wii.

    I would also like to see people stop referring to tennis as gay.

  7. Go out and play real tennis. You can’t get anymore real than that.

  8. I do, often. Great sport. I’m in a weekly league.

    Im just waiting for a great version of a sports game on Wii. I think Madden came closest.

    Don’t get me wrong, love wii sports. Still play it daily. That’s not what I’m talking about.

    Something that combines cutting edge (wii) graphics with great game control (like wii sports.)

    My two cents.

  9. My god, what is that, a giraffe?

  10. My god, what is that, a giraffe?

  11. What the hell? Why’d it double post? I only clicked once!