Wii won’t cramp your core gaming style

picture-1.jpgIn the latest issue of Nintendo Power, managing editor Scott Pelland makes a great point on why even though Wii changes things, it doesn’t necessarily spell doom for core gamers. And I quote:

Just as bears aren’t really the number-one threat to America as asserted by Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report, Wii isn’t the number-one threat to gamers as many industry pundits have recently griped. Their argument goes something like this: if Wii is a huge success, then game publishers will put all their development dollars, yen, pounds, and euros into making Wii Sports knockoffs and sushi-rolling sims while more-complex titles for core gamers will become as rare as grizzly bears in Manhattan. The argument ignores publishers’ primary motivation, which is money. Money, to the tune of more than 10 billion dollars annually, has flowed from gamers to game publishers over recent years, and most of that spending was on shooters, adventures, RPGs, and other core-friendly titles. The thought that game companies would turn their back on that market is just silly.