Reggie says broken Wiimote strap issue largely bogus

More on that Reggie interview with the San Jose Mercury News:

Reggie Fils-Aime says many of the claims of broken TV sets, due to flying Wii controllers, are turning out to be untrue. He said, “We have a process where those consumers are contacted and the investigation process goes through. I think it’s fair to say that unfortunately there are always consumers who want to make an issue out of something that doesn’t necessarily happen to them. And as we go through an investigation process, we’re finding a remarkably small number of consumers who actually had damage.”

Like I’ve said in the past way more times than is necessary, this strap issue” was never really an issue at all. In fact, I’d say 99% of all cases involving a broken strap were either entirely false/fabricated, were told you second hand by a friend who conveniently said the strap broke while he/she was playing alone one night, or it never really happened at all. But, in one of the most rare of all instances ever seen in the corporate world, Nintendo replaced all straps for free, just in case. Strap issue: officially over.