Mario Kart readily available in Germany

David Cole, associate editor at Infendo World Industries, is currently on vaca in Deutschland. But that hasn’t stopped him from geeking out over all things Nintendo and envying our European friends that can already purchase Mario Kart Wii.

How come he’s envious? Because podcast listener Red Mozzie from the UK called the game “fantastic” in his community review of the racer to be broadcast on Infendo Radio 100 next week.

In addition to a stack of Wiis, David also encountered a rare Tingle DS game while canvasing German gaming stores. “I would’ve bought it, but 40 Euro is way too steep,” he disappointingly wrote from an iPhone to headquarters on Friday. photo.jpg

In any case, we’ll be publishing David’s further gaming travels (if any) and wish him the best. To any of our German readers, be sure to poke him in the eye if you see him in public.


  1. How cool would that’ve been? I’ve always thought it would be really interesting to see how other countries’ Nintendo wares were different… not just packaging, etc, but all the aspects.

  2. 40 Euros? That’s like $70…..for a DS game?! Our economy may suck at the moment and we’ve got a total jackass for a president….but God Bless America, our video games are still affordable!

  3. Ich möchte nach Deutschland fliegen!

  4. Actually a lot of th $70 is due to the exchange rate. Which is terrible because our economy sucks (see our jackass President). But I’m thankful that the Japanese are pretending that our crummy dollars are worth as much as they used to be.

  5. Most Wii games and the systems are the same price as in USA.
    They had plenty of Wii systems, let me tell you.

    Next stop, Zürich!

  6. It was already available yesterday on belgium: see my unboxing pictures

  7. Great pictures, David! Thanks for the updates.

  8. @Kale

    We get paid way more 😉

  9. I´m now watching the ending. Completed all cups (incl mirror) on Gold, lol… Damn this game is addictive


  10. I’m in the UK and silly little me thought i’d be able to pick up a copy late afternoon on the day of release, silly little me. Silly little crying in his bedroom because he cant play brawl or mario kart whilst the rest of the world gets to…

  11. Man… that is one huge thumb.

  12. I’m a bit dissapointed with the poor resolution and jittery frame rate in MP, I don’t know about you guys, but i really bought mario kart for the MP….

    Single players very good though, and its good to see you have to do other things than just play through the cups to unlock everything.

  13. I’ll poke him in the eye lol

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