David Cole is cool looking

Infendo staffers reveal their favorite Wii games

Breaking news! A muck-raker has infiltrated Infendo headquarters and exposed the dark secrets of its dedicated, mysterious staffers. Grotesque horror! Unspeakable greed! Scandalous scandals! Not really. But we are dishing on our favorite Wii games. Exposed!

This week’s Japanese video game sales are a harbinger of things to come

Forgive me a moment for being so pompous, and for the unabashedly bombastic headline. I’m in full fanman mode this week, and I smell blood. First, as the link demonstrates, it was in defense of the beleaguered, but soon to be wildly successful, Boom Blox. Now, it’s with a follow-up: an accurate real-world depiction of just how powerful Nintendo’s slow cooker game strategy is, and...

Mario Kart readily available in Germany

David Cole, associate editor at Infendo World Industries, is currently on vaca in Deutschland. But that hasn’t stopped him from geeking out over all things Nintendo and envying our European friends that can already purchase Mario Kart Wii.