704 – Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Ecto Edition and Indie World Showcase

In Episode 703, we dive into our Ghostbusters experience with the Ecto Edition and explore the latest Nintendo Switch game reveals from the Indie World Showcase.

Game Fight! Ghostbusters vs Indiana Jones

I recently played both Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones & The Staff Of Kings for Wii.  Here’s how they compare:

Why your game sucks: Ghostbusters for Wii

It’s a bland melange of every other title out there with the greatest voice cast in videogame history.  I’m sorry, but the Ghostbusters could NOT pick up large rocks with their proton packs.  What do you folks think?  [I did, however, watch the movie again last night and it is still one of the funniest movies ever, even edited on AMC.]

Bustin’ makes New Game Get feel good!

[Insert lame who-you-gonna-call joke here]!  Besides Ghostbusters, there’s also the possibly rad Flower, Sun, and Rain by Suda 51.  What’s on deck for you this week?

Ghostbusters Wii: First 20 Minutes! (Spoilers)

Ghostbusters news has been pretty focused on the Xbox/PS3 versions of the game as of late, so for those of you hankering for some content to oogle on the Nintendo side, here’s your chance! This “first twenty minutes” video will take you through a short intro, a small tour of the firehouse, and show off some gameplay in the first mission. Head past the break for part 2.

Ghostbusters only Sony exclusive in PAL territories, US multiplatform release still a go

Ghostheads in US territories can breath a collective sigh of release thanks to Atari CEO Jim Wilson, who contacted GamesIndustry this morning to assure them that Sony only bought the rights to the upcoming Ghostbusters game in PAL territories. “The Sony Computer Entertainment partnership is exclusive to Europe, Atari is going to be publishing on all platforms in the US on June 16,” cla...

Sony Just Crossed the Streams, and Fans. Ghostsbusters Delayed

What will probably be known as the most dickish move of 2009, Sony just picked up the rights from Atari to publish the Ghostbusters game. What this means is that the game will now be an exclusive for the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and Playstation Portable. There has been no word on what will happen to the Wii and Xbox360 versions. Update: Ghosbusters Sony exclusive only in PAL territories, Mult...

Dan Aykroyd prefers Wii graphics, laments gut

In wake of recent murmurs of a third movie, Ghostbusters co-creator Dan Aykroyd has been “doing the rounds,” dropping hints about rumored upcoming film and the impending video game.  In an interview with Newsweek, Aykroyd suggested that he liked his portrayal on the Wii better than on competing “high-performance” consoles: I love the way we look in the Wii platform, becaus...

How Red Fly started busting ghosts on Wii

By Jeff Mills, producer for Ghostbusters (June 16) At GDC in March 2007, Red Fly Studio had only been in business for about three months. Studio founders Dan Borth and Kris Taylor knew that we had to start immediately preparing for the future beyond our first title (Mushroom Men). We set out for the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco where we met with the top brass of half a dozen ...

Wii version of Ghostbusters combines one part nostalgia with one part Bratz

Game|Life has itself five fresh screens from the upcoming Wii version of Ghostbusters and they’re, well… cute? The reasoning behind the cartoon graphics is pretty obvious (lower powered system), but I’m not so sure that’s going to be enough to sway me. It’s as if Leisure Suit Larry got loose in the Bratz mansion and nine months late this thing popped out armed with pr...

NYCC: Ghostbusters Impression and Hands On

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend and cover the fourth annual New York Comic Con, which was located at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. During the Con I met with a lot of wonderful developers who talked with passion and excitement about their games. There I met James of Red Fly Studio; Red Fly Studio being responsible for the upcoming Ghostbuster game on the Wii. James and I talke...

Infendo Radio 129 – Animal Crossing, Ghostbusters, and more!

This week we discuss Animal Crossing City Folk, Ghostbusters for Wii, Onechanbara, GTA for DS, Tomb Raider Underworld for Wii, Neopets Puzzle Adventure, and New Game Get! Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3 So be sure to leave some comments or give us a call on the Infendo Radio Hotline: 206-338-BIGN (206-338-2446) after the show! [this week’s intro/outro music by Anamanaguchi]   Podcast: Play in ne...