Game Fight! Ghostbusters vs Indiana Jones

game fight ghostbusters vs indiana jones

I recently played both Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones & The Staff Of Kings for Wii.  Here’s how they compare:

Graphics – both games had visuals that looked great on the Wii.  Ghostbusters had some pretty twisted scenes and Indy looked great in deserts and dark rooftops alike, but the camera in Indiana Jones always seemed to be in the wrong place for the actions you were performing, so Ghostbusters definitely gets the nod here.

Sound – Both titles had some great sound effects, but the audio balance seemed off no matter how you altered the settings in the options menus.  Dialogue volume would shift drastically from character to character (most notable in Ghostbusters).  Since Indy wasn’t voiced by his original actor, Ghostbusters wins this round since they got the original cast back to do the game.

Controls – Shooting a proton pack in Ghostbusters felt great.  Indiana Jones felt more like Dragon’s Lair; you waited for an on-screen prompt to tell you what to do next.  Ghostbusters trained you on their controls and you felt like you were really learning to be a Ghostbusters. Indiana Jones felt like you were constantly waiting to react and never learning how to play the game.  Ghostbusters wins this round, too.

Story – Staff of Kings was sort of interesting and it may even make more sense than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but I still couldn’t help feel like I never knew why I was doing what I was doing.  Ghostbusters on the other hand was pretty well written, funny, and really tied in to the plots of the movies.  Winner again, Ghostbusters.

Replay – Both games obnoxiously offer a variety of collectibles or achievements, but only Ghostbusters feels like fun playing again since you can try to rack up a large amount of destruction in each location.  You’ll replay the levels during Indiana Jones enough during your one time through the game since you often don’t know what the game is expecting you to do before you die.

Winner:  Clearly the victory goes to Ghostbusters!

But now I’m left to wonder, if the Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones met up, who would win? Tell us who you think would be the victor and explain why in comments!