Dear Amazon, Don’t ask me to Sell My Games

Dear Amazon

I sometimes buy games from Amazon when I can get a deal, and I shop at other places too. So I am familiar to getting some e-mail advertisements about deals and promotions. Yet, when i get an e-mail from a company saying that I can sell a product back to them, which I originally bought from them, I think that is really crummy. There is a reason I bought the game, it is because I wanted it. So even if I beat it and I’m hardly playing it now doesn’t mean I want to sell it back to you, nor do I need a reminder.

Also, as much as I hate Gamestoppo and they practices, I have never got an e-mail or call from them being like “Hey, I see you recently purchased this game, and we buy used games, you can sell it back to us for credit”. So, It’s cool you got a used game program now, don’t use my shopping data to shove it down my throat.


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