Come see the softer side of game store clerks

Surly not all game store clerks are douche bags? That’s right (as told by one Infendo reader) and don’t call me Shirley!

clerks.jpgSeth tells the tale: I left work and headed to my local Game Stop… I immediately went up to the clerk and asked if there was any Metroid games left. His response: “Reservation?” So I was out of luck, but I got to talking to him and he was nice enough to actually check the shipping schedule to see when the next shipment might be. No avail there either.

He then mentioned that the Wii kiosk was actually playing the full game. I finished the first objective and went to give the wii-mote back to the clerk when I noticed a copy of MP3 on the counter. I was like “What is this?” He says “Metroid.” I say, “I know that but I thought you were all sold out.”

“It’s my pre-order,” the clerk said. “You can have it. I won’t be able to play it much this weekend and you will definitely enjoy it more than anyone else who has come in and played it.”

I was absolutely stunned by his generosity. I let him know that I normally post here and would let people know that good deeds do not go unnoticed.

Got a positive game store clerk experience to share? Leave it in the comments.