It’s hard not to like Nintendo when they do stuff like this


In an age when executive greed and entitlement runs rampant, it’s refreshing to see Nintendo reducing their own salaries by 50% during tough times.

We’re rootin’ for ya, Ninty. Just get back to making great games often and the money will follow.


  1. 🙂 Thanks Blake, I may just have to stick around. Finally, some optimism in the gaming blogs!

  2. Where’s the like button?

  3. I’ve said on Twitter, but Iwata has gotten some serious *respect* from me now. Seriously? This move is admirable and really refreshing, if only I knew more huge corporate officials who would do the same.

  4. This is seriously awesome of Nintendo.. I was starting to get pissed at Nintendo..Operation Rainfall, 3DS game droughts, Lack of wii games, Overall arrogance……………Then they do this and give me 20 free games..I’m happy again =D

  5. Me like!

  6. This is definitely a good move. I wish those bankers did the same when the financial crisis hit and the government bailed them out.

  7. This move isn’t actually all that unique amongst Japanese companies, Nintendo’s probably just a lot better at exploiting it for marketing gain in overseas markets than most. Still a move worthy of respect though, you’d never see this from Microsoft.

  8. That is awesome, we sure don’t see stuff like this foten in the US.

  9. Besides the salary cut, I think they have been humbled in the face of the 3DS’ situation. They must have been gleeing before it was released, thinking it would soar, then scrambling when it dropped, and seriously hitting the panic button with the price cuts. Nintendo lived in a world without smartphone/tablet/socialnetwork gaming, and their portables where the premiere place for gaming on the go. Just so not anymore. If this continues, Iwata may take the company down the plunge if their strategies aren’t revised, which it seems they are doing for now. No wonder stocks dropped after the Wii U announcement instead of rising.

  10. When I heard that Iwata was slicing his salary in half, I was a bit surprised. But I have to admit, I had a slight chuckle from it. Yes, it’s bad. But let me explain.

    I’ve been a strong advocate of the Wii since it was first released. Even during the whole “Casuals-Cammie Dunaway” thing. I liked where the Wii was going. If I were to lay blame on where things went wrong it’s with third party companies. They didn’t support it strong, they didn’t care. They flooded it with garbage to fund their so called “visionary” titles on the HD twins.

    Nintendo got careless, thought that their legacy still had weight in an age of phones and tablets that can outclass some of their best and worst. I think reality has finally set in. Nintendo fought hard to keep their portable market when the DS and PSP were finally competing against one another, and they beat them.

    Nintendo needs to get aggressive like that again. It’s paramount, no it’s life or death battle for them to keep a foothold in the handheld market. Maybe they won’t be top dog again there, but it’s better than fighting for table scraps like they did with the Gamecube going against the PS2.

    Humble pie can be a good thing. I’m glad that Nintendo is waking up to the trouble their facing. I have about just enough store credit to get a 3DS for about ten bucks. I’m getting one come August 12th. I’m willing to give Nintendo a fair chance again. I may not buy a WiiU, but I will definitely have some form of Nintendo gaming on a handheld.

  11. Conduct a poll already and ask what your readers think of playing Nintendo games on non-Nintendo hardware..

  12. That’s funny…

    Here in the U.S., when companies lose money or market share or stock value, C.E.O.s usually get a raise in salary!

    (Actually, they get a huge raise each year no matter what…)

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