Ghostbusters Wii: First 20 Minutes! (Spoilers)

Ghostbusters news has been pretty focused on the Xbox/PS3 versions of the game as of late, so for those of you hankering for some content to oogle on the Nintendo side, here’s your chance! This “first twenty minutes” video will take you through a short intro, a small tour of the firehouse, and show off some gameplay in the first mission.

Head past the break for part 2.

It seems to have the same dilouge and basic story as I saw on the pS3 at E3, at least up until this point in the game.  Parts of it seem rough, and it’s disorentating to have the player character dissapear during the cutscenes, but it looks pretty fun to this old Ghostbusters fan.

Ghostbusters hits store shelves on tuesday.