Sony Just Crossed the Streams, and Fans. Ghostsbusters Delayed


What will probably be known as the most dickish move of 2009, Sony just picked up the rights from Atari to publish the Ghostbusters game. What this means is that the game will now be an exclusive for the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and Playstation Portable. There has been no word on what will happen to the Wii and Xbox360 versions. Update: Ghosbusters Sony exclusive only in PAL territories, Multiplatform is still a go for the US market.

According to GameIndustry Biz

Sony Computer Entertainment will now be publishing Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters title in a surprise deal signed with Atari today, just one month before the game was set to ship…

…It is unclear exactly what will happen to the Xbox 360, DS and Wii versions of the game, although understands that Atari may look to publish them at a later date.

I have contacted Redfly Studios, the developer of the Wii and Playstion 2 version, for a comment on the Sony buyout. More news as it developes….

There has been a lot of drama about this title. The fact that it has slipped through various publishers hands, and the debate about which console version was going to be superior. As of right now I want to know how you guys feel about this turn of events.

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