Nintendo “embarrassed” by Wii copycats


embarrassed monkeyImitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime said he wouldn’t dare rip off the competition like Sony and Microsoft are doing with Wii.

“I think we would have been embarrassed to do what our competitors are currently doing,” he told Kotaku, when asked what his company’s next console might include. “So, all I can tell you is that we will innovate. We will provide something new. Something that the consumer and the industry will look at and say ‘Wow, I didn’t see that coming.'”

Oh, Reggie. It’s not like your competition is completely devoid of new input ideas. Okay, maybe they are. In any case, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming,” isn’t always the ideal reaction (ahem, Virtual Boy).


  1. Man, that new Sony Move thing looks retarded. Are we playing games, or casting spells? Seriously…

  2. u Nintendo fanboys just can admit that the Playstation move is better than the wii…

  3. @boss

    You’re probably right. I am one of those Nintendo Fanboys and I don’t want to admit that the Playstation Move might be better than Wii. But I still have to go with the quote “Too little, too late” because, I don’t think Playstation Move will get very popular when it launches. Especially at a price of $100… But it does look a bit nice cuz I’ve always wanted HD graphics on my Wii. Plus, I dunno about how the consumers will look at this product… I personally think that they will stick to their wiis, but time will tell.

    Oh and by the way, I have both a PS3 and a Wii, so I might get it… But $100?! DAAYAAAMMM……

    I want my Zelda, my Metroid and my Mario please! ^_^

  4. @boss

    I think people are just feeling sore right now because they bought a Wii, and when some slight improvement come around, everyone goes to defend their console. I’ve been very clingy to Nintendo products in the last couple years, but I can still admit when I see something better, and I’m sure Nintendo has something up their sleeves at the same time.

  5. Some people say that nintendo is behind i say that they are one step ahead. For instances right now i see it as they are pondering there time and seeing what the competition is doing nintendo has created the wii the franchise who is number one they see what the competition is doing while all this is happening guess what the technology for the hd components are getting cheaper nintendo has nowhere to go but up xbox has a few steps they can take foward sony they can take a few steps foward but the price is going to rise if they try to improve on there technology for now, but wii the technology is getting cheaper there graphics can go up and they can improve upon what they have created for a few more dollars. While playstation has declare defeat in not so many words and now they created a wii 2 and there graphics cant go much further.
    by the time the next console comes out there will be a wii 2 and a wii 2 plus much more after nintendo studies the market and the natal where you have no controller and broken tv and broken back and hip etc.

  6. Hey hey hey… Don’t mock the VirtualBoy. Craptastic it is, but it was also an ultra bold experiment in the direction of total immersion. I wouldn’t totally nix the idea of the concept coming back (in the form of an augmented reality visor), now that most of the tech problems (display, compute requirements, size, power usage etc.) have all been massively improved.

    While I think it’s fair for Nintendo to call out Sony for aping their designs (AGAIN), I think it’s a little bit spurious to point that same finger at Microsoft on this occasion. Nintendo would be right on accusing Microsoft of attempting to rip off their business strategy (a strategy they derided and mocked). But Natal genuinely is an advanced and entirely new set of technologies (at the consumer level) that is shockingly bold given their track record. Of course like the Virtualboy it might blow up in their face (though I think they’ve taken it a bit more seriously). Then there’s the serious question of whether they can actually provide anything compelling and original to play on it. But it’s a serious leap forward on the road of the man/machine interface, and Nintendo will have to take a very hard imaginative (potentially genius level) leap to move further ahead on this line without infringing on Microsoft’s new invention. I look forward to whatever Nintendo’s geniuses come up with – maybe we’ll here about it this E3 – a great time to put a damper on the competition.

  7. @ boss and others.

    Proposing that Move is better is a bit of a pointless argument; would you complain that a walkman isn’t as advanced as an ipod? We’re talking about a motion control system that costs $100 (plus the control stick accessory) on top of a $300 system at the end of 2010 vs. a motion control system that cost $250 at the end of 2006. You may as well say that PS3 and 360 gamers are constantly outmoded by newer more expensive PCs and should feel inferior and embarrassed: on the large part that’s simply not the case.

    For the time and money and non-standardness, Move bloody well better be a giant leap forward: All indications are that it’s a small hop – if that:

  8. Wait, now everyone who hates the Wii has to hate the PS3 and X-box too! Oh wait, they have HD, and somehow HD makes a game 1000000000000000+ times better!

  9. I think I moved on from being a Nintendo fanboy the moment I bought a PSP 2 years ago and a PS3 1 year ago. The Wii had motion control, and was the only console to have it, it set it apart from the competition. the 360+PS3 had higher processing/graphical capabilities, it’s what set them apart from the Wii.
    360+PS3 are now getting motion control, if the Wii doesn’t get the better processing power or somehow re-revolutionize its controls. the Wii will be behind, with nothing setting it apart from the rest. The new market Nintendo worked so hard to set up could well be stolen from right under their noses. Nintendo may get embarressed about stealing an idea to grow their market, but as far as sony and MS are concerned, it’s a good business move.

    Anyway, IMO what sony need to do is stop selling the PS3 on its own. Start selling the PS3 bundled with a dualshock3, PS eye and PS move. allowing existing ‘hardcore’ owners to upgrade if they want to by just buying the eye/move, but also forcing the Move hardware into new PS3 owners houses. If they give people the option of not having move and saving £50, a lot of people will go for the savings.
    If they don’t do that, they may well end up falling into the ‘too little too late’ hole that everyone seems to be pushing them towards.

  10. “Nintendo may get embarressed about stealing an idea to grow their market, but as far as sony and MS are concerned, it’s a good business move.”

    Microsoft and Sony did not invent “HD” Graphics. “HD” Graphics have been enjoyed by PC gamers since 2000. Please to be doing research. Nintendo release a Wii 2 with HD graphical capability is not “copying.”

  11. Sorry @Jamie but Nintendo will not lose its new market to Sony and the Move.

    I am a member of the new market and I have invested $250 in a Wii purchased two years ago, $40 each for two additional Wiimotes, $20 for two Nunchuks, and $20 for two Motion Pluses. Then there is the Wii Fit, additional Wii Wheels, the Zelda gun, NHL Wiimote covers, etc.

    Also I have spent at least $900 on the 30 wii games I own.

    There is no way I am dumping this investment so that I can spend $400 on a PS3, plus $100 each for three Moves (four of my six kids play with me).

    We would save money on games though, as I don’t allow any shooting/killing/maiming/massacre games in the house. That would mean I wouldn’t be buying most of the PS3 software lineup.

    Will there be that many (or any) compelling Move games?

    And anyways, we just bought Just Dance and we all love playing it. Great game!