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What Defunct Franchises Should Nintendo Raise From The Ashes?

After reading Eugene’s article regarding the resurrection of past Nintendo franchises, I started thinking to myself about other defunct franchises that might never again see the light of day, but really deserve a second chance. I am not talking about

Rollercoaster Tycoon barreling toward 3DS

Some people, like John Ivers of Indiana, have the guts and ingenuity to build a working rollercoaster in their back yard. For most folks, however, coaster construction is limited to virtual worlds, and Nintendo fans can soon join the fun

Remember these? The best catch-phrases in video game history

How many of these classics and clunkers are you familiar with? It’s So Reeeeeeal! Thank you, Sammy Sosa, for one of the best lines ever: At the launch of N64, Nintendo dared us to “Change the System!” and abandon the

Blast from the Past: N+

While in Wal-Mart the other day, I found N+ for $10. Remembering it was in IGN’s Top 25, I picked it up with excitement, removed Spirit Tracks from its well-deserved place in my card slot, and popped in this simplistic

Everything new is old: Atari 2600 Mega Man

Thought your collection of old school NES Mega Man cartridges was hardcore?  Try this on for size: Mega Man for the the Atari 2600.  Avalible for download at Atari Age’s Forums, this short but neat demo was created by David

Ghostbusters only Sony exclusive in PAL territories, US multiplatform release still a go

Ghostheads in US territories can breath a collective sigh of release thanks to Atari CEO Jim Wilson, who contacted GamesIndustry this morning to assure them that Sony only bought the rights to the upcoming Ghostbusters game in PAL territories. “The