Remember these? The best catch-phrases in video game history

How many of these classics and clunkers are you familiar with?

It’s So Reeeeeeal! Thank you, Sammy Sosa, for one of the best lines ever:


At the launch of N64, Nintendo dared us to “Change the System!” and abandon the load-time heavy Playstation. This came after a campaign urging players to stick with SNES because, “Who Needs a New System?”

“Do the Math” didn’t help Atari Jaguar. Apparently, the answer to their math problem was, “garbage.”

“Live in Your World, Play in Ours” was a classy entry from Sony. A nice tag for a series of imaginative ads.

“Zeldaaaa!!!!!!!!” America’s first introduction to Link’s adventures was….strange.


Overall, I’d put two catch-phrases at the top; These slogans performed wonders for their respective systems. The runner-up is the classic “SEGA!” scream that helped Genesis sell bazillions.

But the very best? Take a look at this classic one more time:


Think about it: Before this campaign, people mocked the Wii’s name. Fans thought Nintendo execs had lost their minds. Then came five simple, clever, friendly words, “Wii Would Like To Play.”

BING. Suddenly the world “Got it” and understood what Wii was about. The little machine’s name got mocked no more (well, not as much). People who hadn’t bought a console in years wanted one. I’d seriously call this the most successful video game ad campaign of all time.

I’ve only listed a few, here. What are your favorites…or least favorite?