The exact, precise moment the music game fad burst

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the instant in time when something’s suddenly not as cool as it was a moment before. Other times it’s easy. Remember this ad from two years ago? For music games as the Current Big Thing, this was the killer meteor entering the atmosphere. I’m one of the faithful who still believes in music games; I can’t wait for RB3 this Tuesday. But I...

Remember these? The best catch-phrases in video game history

How many of these classics and clunkers are you familiar with? It’s So Reeeeeeal! Thank you, Sammy Sosa, for one of the best lines ever: At the launch of N64, Nintendo dared us to “Change the System!” and abandon the load-time heavy Playstation. This came after a campaign urging players to stick with SNES because, “Who Needs a New System?”

Leaked Revolution Ad?

This was sent to us from an unconfirmed source via email. It is pure speculation, however. The individual claims to have access to non-public info, but says he only works in marketing and not in actual development. Apparently, it depicts an ad campaign to be launched at the same time as the Xbox 360 release later this year. Personally, I think a March 2006 release to be too early, but your guess i...