Remember how awesome DuckTales was?


Speaking from both a gameplay, graphical, and musical standpoint. (Thanks, Mark).


  1. I had DuckTales on my old GameBoy. It was awesome. Then one day the family went on a trip and we forgot the cartridge there at the hotel. The best game we had was lost forever.

  2. oh ducktales, i never owned you but i could play you at my friends’ houses

  3. Easily one of the best platformers ever made. Duck Tales 2 was also great.

  4. Definitely one Capcom’s greats. Most of the Disney Capcom titles were fantastic.

  5. XD I had the 2nd, great games oh yeah.

  6. It is indeed a great game! πŸ˜€ The sequel is good as well.

  7. Rescue Rangers was also awesome.

  8. Yes it was. Top Disney/Capcom game for the NES. Next up for me was The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse.

  9. Well, yeah, DuckTales is an awesome NES game. Great cartoon too, loved the reruns as a kid (I was born in ’89).

  10. I loved this game i was like 10 when i first played it. Rescue Rangers also awesome. its games like these that have kept me gaming all these years

  11. Yes!

  12. I watched this TV show when it was new too, and like I said in another post, I’m older than most of you — @ProgressiveAudio, you were born when I was 15. πŸ™‚

    I remmeber playing this game and Rescue Rangers. Both were good shows and had good games based on them.

  13. YES! The different parts of the world, the items/ diamonds/ the secret rooms, the jumping on the stick, the music. Thanks for remembering one of the 8 bit favs!

  14. This was the only game I ever beat on the nes that I owned and I was so proud of that lol