What Defunct Franchises Should Nintendo Raise From The Ashes?


After reading Eugene’s article regarding the resurrection of past Nintendo franchises, I started thinking to myself about other defunct franchises that might never again see the light of day, but really deserve a second chance. I am not talking about old Nintendo franchises, since Eugene has already brought that topic to light, but what about old Sega, Atari, etc…?

There are some great titles from that past that could be easily adopted by Nintendo, rebooted, and many of them deserve it.  Below are some of the titles that I think are deserving of a little Nintendo love and affection.

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220px-ToeJam_&_EarlToe Jam and Earl was one of my all time favorite Genesis games.  We haven’t seen the two alien rappers since 2002.  I think there are quite a few more hijinks to be had, and the Wii U or 3DS is just the place for them to mess around.

Now, when I say we last saw them in 2002, that was the last official game release.  They were seen in 2006 on the Wii Virtual Console, and then again in 2012 on the PayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.  I am glad that they have lived on in virtual form, but feel that they need more, and Nintendo is the platform that can give them what they deserve!


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I picture a streets of Rage reboot in the FPS form, instead of a side scroller. A more open landscape and interactive environment in which you fight your way through each level with broken bottles, lead pipes, and bare fists.

It has been nineteen years since we last saw a commercial release of the game.  Although there have been many attempts to revive the series, none have been successful.  The latest being a 3D remake by GRiN before it closed its doors.



Altered beast made its last appearance in 2005 on the PlaySation 2 before being lost forever in the franchise graveyard.

This is a game that has a lot of potential.  The stories plot leaves a lot open for future releases.  The games hero was a Roman centurion that died in battle.  Zeus resurrected him to save Athena from a demon god.

If Nintendo gave this game a Phoenix Down, I could see it as a fairly decent competitor to God of War.


Pitfall!_CoverartPitfall has been remade a couple times since its introduction thirty one years ago.  damn…I remember playing it when I was just a about five, and that is when it was released…I feel old now.

Anyway, I know this is an Activision game and has been seen as recent as 2012 on iOS and Android devices, but the game deserves a real sequel in a real console.  Not just a virtual download from an online store.

I can see Pitfall harry swinging on the same vines as Donkey Kong (although not in the same game) on the Wii U or 3DS, in a similar styling of Uncharted.  However, With more of a puzzle centric adventure.


I guess I am just a sucker for retro games, and miss some of the classics.  There are many more I could name, but I will leave that up to you.  What defunct Non-Nintendo franchises would you like to see Nintendo adopt and give some TLC to, and why?


8 Responses to What Defunct Franchises Should Nintendo Raise From The Ashes?

  1. DubleDex says:

    I’m going to go ahead and agree with Pitfall. In fact, that’s the game I was thinking before I had even scrolled down.

    Unfortunately, Super Pitfall for the NES didn’t quite live up to the memories of the original. It was really hard, not super polished, and kind of insane. Although, due to how long it took my middle-school self to earn money for the next game, we did eventually play through the whole thing and discover all the secrets (none of which were even hinted at in the instruction book… what do you mean I have to jump into a certain enemy to be transported to an alternate dimension to find Penny? WTF? So random.)

    I’m not sure what road you would take to differentiate this from Tomb Raider, unless it was just a platformer. But it feels like Pitfall could be so much more. A lot more exploration.

  2. Eugene Allen says:

    Can we all agree that Sonic would be better off left buried?

  3. Essel Pratt says:

    Eugene…your make me sad…I love that blue little guy 🙂

  4. Nomeacuerdo says:

    I have to agree with Eugene, Sonic is boring as hell

  5. Beer here says:

    Toejam & earl should come back for sure, I also think Echo the Dolphin could be revived on the 3ds.

  6. Kaiser Soze says:

    Lot’s of old PC and Amiga games.
    – Canon Fodder
    – Lemmings

  7. The Adza says:

    Altered Beast as a God of War clone? Yes please that sounds amazing. But I wouldnt trust Sega to make it. Look at the Shinobi and Golden Axe games they tried to revive. However letting Platinum Games make an Altered Beast game? Now we’re talking.

  8. Mattiac says:

    Wonder Boy because the third one is great.
    Comix Zone would be nice. Golden Axe could
    be cool.

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