SEGA’s MadWorld doesn’t support 480p

It would seem antithetical for a visually striking Wii game to settle for standard resolution.

But according to Matt Casamassina, MadWorld is doing precisely that.

The IGN Nintendo editor confirmed in his blog SEGA’s stylish MadWorld does not support 480p on Wii.

“It runs in widescreen 480i,” wrote Casamassina. “Not 480p. I confirmed it today, and it’s unfortunate.”

He says the game still looks “damned good,” however, and he didn’t notice until capturing video, when the equipment read it as 480i.

Unlike Sony and Microsoft’s high-definition competitors, Nintendo’s Wii outputs in standard 480i resolution. With a set of separately sold component cables, the system can present games in progressive scan 480p, essentially a sort of crisper and cleaner “enhanced definition.”

MadWorld hacks its way onto store shelves worldwide next month.


  1. wow. that’s a serious blow and entirely random. I seriously can’t believe this. Even King of Fighters Collection had 480p!

    I mean, I’m still gonna get the game but this is still quite disappointing.

  2. I think it is a little funny how Matt from IGN always knocks on developers for not including 480p in every review and preview he writes, but for Mad World he just kind of brushed it off. I hope we don’t give the game a pass just because we are all so desperate for anything resembling a hardcore game on the Wii. 480p should be standard for every console game this generation.

  3. “MadWorld hacks its way onto store shelves worldwide next month.”

    With the exception of Germany. Sega will not even attempt at bringing Madworld to me. Guess I’ll have to import from the UK then. The games are cheaper over there any way.

  4. LAme

  5. Why’s this such a big deal? even matt says that he never even noticed? Doesn’t that say something about it? the game only has 3 colours, maybe it wouldn’t actually improve the game much anyway, and without the need for 480p, they can make the graphics better anyway
    Look at the final fantasy games on PS2, they couldn’t support 480p because the textures and the like were too complex the PS2 couldn’t render them fast enough, but hell, they look pretty darn awesome in comparison to the PS2 games that DO support 480p

  6. that’s too bad.

  7. Does it really matter? It’s a freakin B&W w/ Red game. >.>

  8. That’s it. I’m not buying it. Black and white and red all over games NEED 480p. Progressive scan is the first thing I look for when I pick up a Wii game at GameStop. If it isn’t there I toss that sorry sod into the bargain bin where it belongs.

    Remember when video game “journalists” wrote about games, and not resolutions? What a wonderful time that was.

  9. geeze- i remember when video game “journalists” wrote about games and didn’t spend their time maligning journalists.

    (i think people are allowed to want 480p and be disappointed not to have it.)

  10. @ Jack

    Indeed, those were the days. Personally, I couldn’t care less. This game is made no less awesome by the lack of 480p. A good game is a good game, regardless of screen resolutions.

    Why is it that this generation so many people are placing such a high emphasis on graphics?

  11. Given that 480p is possible on the Wii, anything less is below the bar in that category.

  12. If the game still looks good who cares, 480i will not stop me from playing this game. Hell my HD tv only does 1080i, I really don’t care because you cant even notice the difference between 1080i or 1080p, so do I care about 480 p or i? Nope. But on the flip side its pathetic that in this age of HD 480p and 60fps are not being pumped out.

  13. @Jack:

    With your outlook on graphics spec’s, you may want to sample an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 instead.

    (although many very nice looking games on those platforms do not support 720p)

  14. Really Jack? Especially considering the Matt, who’s so graphics-obsessed, didn’t even notice that until he had a screencap to tell him it wasn’t in 480p?

    That certainly says a lot about the game’s good looks. I would however like to know the reason for not having implemented it.

  15. Definitely need to invest in Wii component cables, especially if you have an HDTV. The difference is noticeable sharper.

  16. All I got to say woopedy freaking do it doesn’t matter at all have’nt people figured out that there is some poor people that plays game. Why must people beg for better when its not always better,and why does people push for hd blue ray etc so fast especially with the economy in the toilet which makes the poor get poorer, and soon hd is the standard and well you screwed with normal tv systems I can’t even afford cable or satellite mainly because i live in the stix,,and this switch to digital is all the much worse on us down here digital isn’t better on tvs especially when you have to stand on your head to get it to pick up a station that you could previously pick up with no problem. the more you beg for something the more everybody going to just make it the standard and don’t tell me its cheap to by the cables for 480p than you think.

  17. @ ?

    don’t worry about being forced into 480p here; if it were available in the game, you could still play the game on a standard tv without extra cables.

  18. I don’t buy into the “gameplay beats graphics” argument.

    Of course it does, that goes without saying. Arguing that doesn’t really mean anything; it’s like arguing common sense. My qualm is the inherent assertion that modern video games can only have one or the other.

    It’s 2009, not 1999. I want my games to be pretty and sharp; if that’s a sin, so be it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to control well, also.

    It’s bad enough the system doesn’t even do 720p. Any high-budget, high-profile Wii game like MadWorld should, in my opinion, support 480p. That really isn’t much to ask for Wii gamers with televisions that don’t suck, and I feel Platinum Games dropped the ball with it.

  19. It has been said elsewhere that the game is not 480p due to the nature of the graphics since black, white, red (and a little yellow) wouldn’t translate into 480p properly and graphics would actually look WORSE with progressive on.

  20. Honestly, who is suprised here? Im not even sure the decision to go black and white was based on artistic reason. More than likely it was based on hardware limitation.

    480i, 480p… both useless HD formats. I dont even understand why you need component cables to display in that resolution. If you want graphics, get a PC, PS3 or 360.

    This is very disappointing indeed.

  21. Booo, I got the cable and I should be rewarded for the extra bucks.

  22. @ Jack


    What is wrong with gamers wanting high definition resolution? Those of us who have HDTVs want consoles that exploit that technology. If you’ve seen the Wii on an HDTV without component cables, you would know that it isnt a luxury, its a necessity.

    Technologies are becoming more and more interlinked, and that great goal of all videogames… immersion… requires strong visuals. Especially since we are not bound to B/W tvs and Atari 2600s.

  23. Goddamn who the fuck cares. Anyone who is so concerned about graphics should just sell their Wiis and buy a 360 or PS3 so they can complain about all the games on those systems that don’t fully support the “real’ hd resolutions.

  24. @EdEN

    Cite your sources please. I can’t think of any reason why one color scheme would look worse on 480p than another.

  25. peshue, your argument sucks. 🙂

  26. @ John
    Yeah I know, but honestly I don’t think many of the arguments being presented here are very strong. If you want to take the best advantage of your hdtv the wii isn’t the console to do that with, plain and simple. And besides that a whle lot of games on the 360 and ps3 simply scale up too 1080 p or whatever rather than running it natively. So if you REALLY want to get the most out of your tv you’ll have to drop a couple grand on a real nice pc.

  27. Deal breaker.