Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U Officially Cancelled



According to both IGN, and Kotaku, Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U has been officially cancelled.  Sega also confirmed the news to Polygon

“Sega can confirm that the Wii U sku of Aliens: Colonial Marines is no longer in development,” a Sega representative wrote.

Although this news is not completely surprising, considering the poor reviews it received on the 360 and PS3, it is disappointing to see the rumors of an “improved” Wii U version scrapped.  It would have been nice to see the game enhanced and receive rave reviews on the infant console.  However, it is sort of relieving to find that the game’s faults will not be carried over the the Wii U.

I hope the Nintendo haters, and fans alike, don’t blame the Wii U console and Nintendo for the cancellation of the game.  Sega has been pushing this back for a while, I am guessing due to the poor performance of the game.  Even Sega admits that the pre-release advertisements did not accurately represent the final game’s quality.  So, unless it was a complete revamp, why even attempt to release it?

Was anyone anticipating the Wii U version?  I anyone surprised that it has been scrapped?

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  1. That’s good the WiiU is already taking too many hits already and this will kill the console if it was released on the WiiU.

  2. I’ve owned this system for 4 months and Nintendo has yet to release a half-decent game….WHAT IS THIS?

  3. Darn! I wanted this game, along with almost all the games for the Wii U. Lego City, childish, but man how inventive it is. The augmentation in that game is awesome with the Pad, perhaps Aliens would have been too. Sad news indeed.

  4. I’m feeling like nintendo screwed up. I’m having a wii moment with my wii u nothing but dust.

  5. I love all the comments here hating on Nintendo.

    A:CM is rubbish, you should be happy that there’s one less $60 cash-in for you to buy and then regret buying and then go on to talk about how the Wii U has no “good” games.

    Now you can just skip to the last part, evidently.

  6. Grim, how did Nintendo screw this up? Sega released a game after falsely advertising the content. They apologized and were going to make it right on the wii u, but must have realized that it wasn’t worth saving. How is a third party’s screw up Nintendos fault?

    Jared, no good games? That is an opinion, and I will give you that but what about monster hunter 3, Mario, zombie U? They released something for everyone, and it has only been out four months. Would you rather they release everything now and have nothing to give us when ps4 and 720 come out?

    Come on guys, seriously.

  7. I meant they screwed up with there launch like they did with the 3DS sorry for the confusion. I really thought they were going to have more bang for the launch then they did and now developers are being asses by dropping Nintendo and going for Sony or Microsoft. I’m not explaining myself very well, I don’t honestly care about this game I’m just getting a 3DS vibe off the Wii u and it makes me feel sad. I only have a few games that I want again like with the 3DS and Wii it may be my fault but I want quality games. Here is my list this year (of course I haven’t been keeping up with all the games that are coming out) Lego city, and Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD (If there is a Mario game then that to).

  8. The only thing that’s bad about this game not coming to Wii U is that it WAS one of the higher profile games that was supposed to be released at the same time on the Wii U as the other consoles as opposed to the older ports that have come and are still coming.

    If I were Sega, and didnt want the money to go to too much waste on the Wii U version, assuming it was still playable and no worse than the other released versions, i would put it up on the eShop as a digital only retail game at a really reduced price. Save all the manufacturing costs, advertising costs (Miiverse will sell your game for you) and try and get some money back rather than just not bring the game at all. But seriously, for them to not bring it at all, it must be pretty bad. Sega have a habit of releasing commercial flops pretty constantly, so to not release it, it must suck even more than the versions released.

  9. Adza, you know as well as I do that Miiverse will tear that game apart if it were put on there. When users there love or hate something, they sure let everyone know lol.

  10. They need to quit making consoles and go into the mobile phone app business. At least for now, until they restructure and actually learn to compete with the big boys.

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