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More than just an accessory: Enhanced-definition a must on Wii

Ahead of its time when first introduced on last generation consoles, enhanced-definition is old news now. Yet the majority of Wii owners still haven’t upgraded to the superior picture quality that the technology affords. Here’s why.

Poll: Are you using Wii component cables?

Two and a half years since its release, and I hope no one is playing Wii without component cables. While the Wii doesn’t output HD, sold separately component cables allow for an upgrade to “enhanced definition” (aka 480p, progressive scan). It’s the only way to play and makes Super Mario Galaxy look like an early Xbox 360 game. True story. So as of today… {democracy:8...

SEGA’s MadWorld doesn’t support 480p

It would seem antithetical for a visually striking Wii game to settle for standard resolution. But according to Matt Casamassina, MadWorld is doing precisely that. The IGN Nintendo editor confirmed in his blog SEGA’s stylish MadWorld does not support 480p on Wii. “It runs in widescreen 480i,” wrote Casamassina. “Not 480p. I confirmed it today, and it’s unfortunate....