Poll: Are you using Wii component cables?


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Two and a half years since its release, and I hope no one is playing Wii without component cables. While the Wii doesn’t output HD, sold separately component cables allow for an upgrade to “enhanced definition” (aka 480p, progressive scan). It’s the only way to play and makes Super Mario Galaxy look like an early Xbox 360 game. True story. So as of today…



  1. My problem is I sit too close to the tv, [about 2 feet away] because my bed is the only place to sit more than 8 feet away, but when i sit/lay in bed my sensor bar doesn’t pick up my wiimote :[

  2. The difference between 480p and 480i can’t be overstated for Wii.

    Component cables were purchased alongside my Wii on launch day. If you have an HD/ED television and aren’t using them, I’d definitely recommend considering them. It makes a pretty substantial difference.

  3. No. I have an HD plasma, so everything looks the same.

  4. What Derek said. Wholeheartedly agree. Brawl especially looks incredible in 480p.

  5. Wow thats a big difference… and that’s only TP. I can only imagine how games like Galaxy, MP3, and the likes look like!

    I dont have them, but now im interested. This interest obviously raised some questions, and ill be thankful to anyone whom ease them.
    How much are them?
    (Im thinking they are rather on the expensive side=/)
    Are there cheaper versions (maybe non-official?) that work just as well?

    what’s an ED Derek?
    And finally, my Wii is not hooked up to an HDTV, but it is hooked up to a DVD player which allows for component cables (green,blue, and red, right?). Will that work, or is the HDTV a condition for the cables to improve the definition?

    As I said, thank you in advance to anyone that is kind enough to help this fool lol =].

  6. Like Derek, these cables were a day one purchase for me. To quote Mr. Bueller, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

  7. Bought them right after getting my Wii and never regretted it.

  8. Agreed, 480p is the way to go. My only issue is that with my 46″ TV thing still have jaggies unless I sit WAY back. The contrast/black adjustment, noise reduction and all those settings for a HDTV make a difference as well to optimize once you get 480p.

    Even PS2 games that support 480p like God of War, etc look pretty awesome still.

  9. 480p is a very small difference. I’ve been playing MadWorld (the only 480i game I own) and I only noticed the difference for a few seconds at the beginning. For 35 bucks going from 480i to 480p is not worth it.

    Funny, because component cables can go up to 1080i. Why can’t Nintendo at least give us an update with 720p? Then the 35 would be worth it.

    otherwise, save your money.

  10. @ gojiguy:

    Yeah! Why not?

  11. I thought MadWorld was locked in at 480i only?

  12. and i think there’s a 3rd party device that can bring your wii into up-converted 1080p.

  13. There’s no other way to play.

  14. @gojiguy,

    I got my Wii component cables for 10 bucks. You don’t need the Nintendo brand ones.

    Also, it’s called “Dolphin”, and while it can play Wii games in 1080p, good luck with that framerate.

  15. I need an HD TV before I can worry about cables.

    Everything looks bad when your TV is 20 years old.

  16. Component looked great on my TV, until I switched it to HD. But then again, I’m sure composite on HD would look even worse.

  17. you can get them for $5


    There is no excuse not to. The essentially double the resolution on tv’s that handle 480p and above.

  18. droop4: Some older flat-screen televisions are so-called EDTVs, or “enhanced definition.” I have one in my bedroom, and before I got my new 50′ 1080p plasma, I had my Wii hooked up to the smaller EDTV. As I understand it, an EDTV will output in 480p, but nothing higher; my Wii games looked great on it in 480p output, much better than with composite cables.

    DaveRage: Yes. Playing Wii in 480i on an HD television is an abomination.

  19. Composite cables look awful on any HDTV, I have the component cables and looks better but I had to keep the wii configuration to 480i because I have the same problem that Jonkind said, the image is too jaggie on 480p, but I think that this is for the configuration on TV set and also the brand

  20. I have an old tube TV, so no component cables yet.

  21. The problem is that CRT TVs seem to still give a superior picture, but hardly anyone has them anymore. I have a friend with a CRT and Brawl looks better on it through composites than it does on his HD-LCD with components in the other room.

  22. I HAVE component cables (a mistake with an online order and they let me keep it because of their mistake), I just don’t have a TV for them =P.

  23. don’t use ’em becouse I have SD tv, but I use RGB scart cable which is ALOT better then composite cables that comes with it. It’s the highest quality cable for SD PAL tv..

  24. i didn’t get it at launch, but the second i got my new tv with my tax monies i did not hesitate. worth it for sure.

  25. Since the TV on the Wii is old and only has Composite inputs, I don’t have much choice.

  26. I gave a kid I know who worked at an EB the money for them over a year ago…

    Still haven’t seen him since.

  27. Does anyone know if there’s a way to run 480p widescreen? My wii swaps back to 4:3 when i set it to 480p 🙁

  28. The cable is so cheap, I got mine at the mall for around 10 bucks. And it works for xbox360, PS2, and PS3.

  29. Twilight Princess looks like ass either way. With component, it’s a jagged mess. Without composite, it’s a blurry mess. For other games, particularly bright and colorful games, it does make a difference.

  30. I always had component cables for the GC. I needed them for the Wii. I also have them hooked up to the PS3. (My Sony plasma was pre-HDMI.) But it does have DVI. I just hook up my Wii, PS3 with one set of component cables, only using one input.

    We know that component cables boost the quality of the picture, but lets pose another question.

    “Do you hook your Wii or system up to a stereo (surround sound) or do you use the cheap, built-in TV speakers?” I for one can’t imagine playing with anything other than surround. I even listen to normal TV in surround.

  31. I bought Component cables with my Wii at launch. I figured it wouldn’t be a huge difference graphically, but it might provide some better color recognition.

    @Muggins Do you have the official component cables? Does the picture remain 4:3, but look streched and distorted? You might need to change the aspect ratio on your TV.

    @KillerHeroes I actually thought Zelda looked pretty good on the Wii. It’s no Xbox 360 game, but it’s a pretty good looking Wii game. I have the game on the GameCube too and the picture quality is a lot worse when using the standard cables..

  32. Not only on Zelda, but RE:4, SSX 3, and many other games too many to mention. Even Wii Sports looks better. The difference between 480i & 480p is amazing.

  33. I’m an a/v nerd. I have bought every TV I have ever owned based on the release of a new Zelda game, just so I could get the newest/sharpest picture. LTTP was S-Video, Ocarina was still S-Vid, but i wanted to see MORE, WindWaker got the Component treatment with a new XBR. If the option is there for a newer/better video cable or simply a new resolution, I’ll either be first in line in the USA, or I’ll be importing. I don’t want to miss one pixel of Nintendo’s games.

  34. The majority of the time. yes, If ever I take my wii though, I take it with AV cables just to make sure it’ll fit into a TV wherever it goes.
    At home though, component all the way. not the official one mind you, just some cheap ones from ebay, they still make it look better though. Much much better.

  35. doughboy74 pointed out a little-known fact most Nintendo fans forget about the GameCube: that one also had output (at its initial release) for 480p with component cables! Many GC games, especially first party games, had the option of displaying in that resolution, and owners of TVs with Enhanced display could use it (as I did). Some GC games even had real widescreen option, and, of course, Surround sound mode! Pikmin and Pikmin 2 are very good examples you should all try out on the Wii with Surround Sound and progressive scan mode (and I’m talking about the old GameCube versions, not the new Wii-sized versions!)

  36. Well I purchased my new HDTV over a year ago now and this whole time have been holding out on buying the Component cables simply because $35 seemed way too high. But about a week ago I stumbled across a very good deal at Toys R Us where the cables were being marked down to $3.99! So obviously I picked them up. But now I am very glad that I didn’t pay the full $35 price for them because when I got home and plugged them, THE SCREEN WAS FILLED WITH SCANLINES!!

    Now if I’m not mistaken this is a problem that plagued many launch Wii’s, which is what I have. So now I’m probably hook it up to my old CRT and leave it at that. At least it would be better than these lines running up the screen!

  37. There’s this thing called XCM that is an upconvertor for the Wii and any other non-HDMI devices. I wodner if it looks any good.

  38. That is the only way to play on a Wii!

  39. @ TechNick:

    That would only happen if your HDTV doesn’t really support HD! The “scanlines” appear when progressive scan is not supported by the TV… I know because my previous TV supported “enhanced” mode, but not progressive HD, and whenever I tried HD output from my GameCube or Xbox I would get those lines…

  40. Whatever you do, I don’t think you need the expensive Monster Wii cables. No Nintendo Seal of Approval right off the back should tell you something about them.

    If you want non-Nintendo Wii component cables, you may be able to get much cheaper on monoprice.com.

  41. @Muggins

    Not only should you switch your Wii’s display mode to 480p (EDTV), but also there’s a separate wide screen aspect ration setting.

  42. After 4 years I just discovered about component cables for the wii.