Poll – Do you rent games?

Maybe you like to try before you buy or perhaps you just buy whatever you want. This week, we want to know:

Do you rent games?
Yes, often
No, never


  1. i like to collect games….so no i never rent.

  2. When I was young I always rented. I think i only had about 6 games for the NES and SNES, but I rented almost weekly. Now that I have a career, I have enough cash to buy games, which I mostly prefer, because I don’t have the time I used to to play all weekend long. I can finish a game, instead of getting halfway through and having to return it. Sometimes I feel shafted if I get a lemon, but I usually avoid that these days by reading lots of reviews. So ya, I don’t rent anymore 😛

  3. I only buy but never on a whim. I’m usually following a game months before it’s released. There have been a few gems friends told me to check out.

    Always satisfied.

  4. If it’s a game that I know is great (ie. Twilight Princess, Mario Sunshine, etc), and I know that I’ll play through it, I’ll buy it.

    Otherwise, I’ll rent and try it out.

  5. I find game rentals to be too expensive for the amount of time for the rental, too close to the price of buying it used, even. I can tell within two days if I don’t like the game, and I want to buy it if I really like it. So, either way, I feel cheated for investing $7.00 or more on a 5-day rental.

  6. With Wii, I already own too many games so I haven’t been renting. But in the past, I have rented through GameFly and Gamerang. I liked being able to rent a game like a movie from Netflix .. monthly fee, in the mail, unlimited time to play. But what I really liked was the “keep it” feature they both offered where you can just keep the title if you like it and pay a fairly decent used price. They then send you the case and manual in the mail.

    I’ll probably do that after I’ve owned my Wii for a while (and finish Twilight Princess, Trauma Center, and Super Paper Mario).

  7. I entirely agree with Fuzz’s comment. I didn’t own too many SNES games as a kid, but we rented a handful of games at least once a month. With how epic so many games are these days, I don’t gain much out of being able to play a game for a few days, only to return it and wonder if i should then bother to pay for it in full. I’d rather rely on reviews and positive word-of-mouth to determine whether I should buy it sight unseen.

  8. no, I don’t rent games because in France, there is no rental places for games, only for movies. But I buy second hand games, lots of shops propose that.

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