Poll: Which 3DS launch color do you like?



  1. The black looks slicker to me. Though I’d still prefer that ‘fire red’ version 😉

  2. I always wanted the Lime Green DS lite that came bundled with a Cooking Trainer (or something like it) but I never wanted to spend the extra $30 on it. I know I’m too demanding Nintendo, but you spoiled me with a 64 color Crayola box of options with the DS lite. I just can’t go back to boring black and 1990’s teal.

  3. I’m torn between the two. The black is neutral, sleek and classy but the blue looks great and blue is my favorite color. Until I see them in person I won’t be able to decide.

  4. Having seen both of the above, including the red one at last year’s E3, the blue absolutely looks stunning when held in your hands. Much cooler than either red or black. Blue all the way, baby!

  5. @Blake You have convinced me. I am getting the Aqua Blue 3DS!

  6. Black looks nice but this time I’m going with blue

  7. I had a DS Lite that was white, then a black DSi and well a little color wont hurt plus the aqua blue looks cool so I’m with that…

  8. I ordered the black, but that blue makes me question my decision.

  9. wow i was actually surprised by the results

  10. I don’t like how the inside of the teal 3DS is half black and half blue. It just looks visually tacky to me somehow, like a little kid’s toy. So even though I like the color teal, I’d probably opt for the black. I would prefer to see them in person though. Not that I’m planning to buy one at launch anyway.

  11. I´d buy the black one. I like the black more than the blue on, but the blue one is nice as well.

    By the way. It´s 81:81 votes right now.

  12. I’ll be getting the blue one, becouse I had black lite and believe me it’s a fingerprint magnet! It looks very cool until you touch it… I have a blue-black lite now…. So metalic ble for me, altough I would like yelow…

  13. Black, as if there was a choice!

  14. I don’t know, I like the color of the blue 3DS, but I have to go with black. From some of the pictures I’ve seen, the outside of the blue 3DS looks all metallic and awesome, but the inside looks really glossy and… not so awesome.

  15. they both look great, but the blue is my favorite. i hope it is that exact blue for real, because that is one of my most favorite colors right there.

  16. the NGP one

  17. Blue.

    EVERY device comes in black. Let’s get something unique.

    I loved my brown Zune, too.

  18. I do like black; feel like i’d need to hold the blue one to be sold on it.

  19. I dont like the high gloss plastic around the top screen, it’s so distracting, i wouldn’t like to see my reflection on it while playing, why the hell did they make it so much high glossy? Stupidity…

  20. Black is always more popular, but the aqua blue is not bad either. They are both cool.

  21. I’d rather get a Fire Red 3DS myself. But the black one will do.

  22. Although Blue Rocks I chose Black as I am with Chelsea, the black and blue inside of the blue 3ds just doesn’t do anything for me. Now if it was all blue then it would have been the easy choice.

  23. I want a red one. I had a red GBA and it was on of my favorite systems ever.

  24. The Blue 3DS feels unique

  25. cosmo black all the way!

  26. I am thinking cosmo black but Blake made me want blue but I thought that would get distracting because of the two colors inside. Is this true? I am thinking cosmo black.

  27. cosmo black SUCKS!

  28. AQUA BLUE IS waaaaaay BETTER cause it is actually a color! cosmo black is a shade!…..black is boring!

  29. i think the original gameboy is waaay better. who needs a camera or any awsome other features on their ds. it such a waist of money.besides 3d is so 1 month ago.but what do i no. people call me dumb!!!! xoxoxoxox