The <em>other</em> games Nintendo made this holiday


Wired has a nice little piece on lower profile holiday Nintendo games, including the unsung Kirby’s Return to Dreamland:

While the aforementioned games are more than mere serviceable diversions, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land is an unsung contemporary classic. It’s both deep enough to qualify as a game for true gamers and inviting enough so as not to alienate the untested, whether they’re six or 60.

What do you think? What get’s your vote for “low profile Nintendo game of the year”?


  1. These games aren’t made by Nintendo…. but they were on Nintendo systems!
    1.MotoHeroz- It’s like excite bike had a baby with a traditional, old-school platformer. The game is awesome.
    2.FAST Racing- A sweet F-Zero/Wipeout style game with some slick graphics, and great gameplay.
    3.Bit-Trip complete/saga- Some of the best games on the WiiWare service on one disc! The Wii version is better, as it has some nice extras, but the 3ds version is great who want to control commander video on the go!

  2. *for those who want to control commander video on the go… my bad 😛

  3. Oddly enough, I can’t remember playing many Nintendo published games this year. Aside from major titles (I would say including Pushmo), there was Kirby: Mass Attack, Xenoblade, and…I think that’s it. Though, Nintendo is always the company that rarely makes an effort, in America and Europe, but when it does, it’s huge. Though, in Japan, it’s a bit of a different story–they publish an incredible number of games over there.

    So, I guess my vote would go for Xenoblade since I doubt any non-fanatic consumer has played it.

  4. Pokemon Black and White

  5. @Job HOLIDAY titles. Pokemon Black and White doesn’t fit that category.

    I hear nothing but great things about Pushmo. I hope to pick that up soon. And I’ll pick up Fortune Street when its $20. $50 is ridiculous for that.

  6. I love Pushmo but I’m stuck on a stage and it won’t let me skip it for some reason. Highly annoying.

  7. I also have absolutely LOVED Kirby. It isn’t perfect, but damn is it close to ideal. Keep it up with the 2D platformers!!

  8. I’m afraid one of my favorite Nintendo games of the year, Freakyforms, is probably going to end up being an overlooked classic, much-loved by a small legion of fans. It’s so wonderfully weird and out-there (and depends entirely on player input), I can’t see it being embraced by the mainstream. Personally, I’d love to see cross-genre sequels using its creation engine…Freakyforms Brawl! Freakyforms Soccer! 🙂

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