Nintendo Playstation?


As Gamers we all know that back in the day Nintendo and Sega were the big dogs.  Neither could be touched, and those who tried quickly suffered the worst dog bit imaginable.  Of course times change, Sega faded away, and Xbox and Sony found forever homes in our hearts.

But, did you know that things could have been different?

Back in the early 90’s Nintendo Nintendo knew that the SNES was a powerful system for the time but how could they guarantee defeat over the Sega Genesis?  Would their staple characters and robust game collection be enough?  This is where Nintendo began to talk with the creators of the ever popular Walkman.  Although they originally planned on working with Phillips, their CD-I’s weren’t impressive enough, so they began to talk to Sony.

Both Sony and Nintendo seemed to always be a step ahead of the game, so this relationship seemed like a given.  The results of their talks was a CD-ROM peripheral for the SNES.  The lead on the project was Ken Kutaragi, The Father of the Playstation.  They system was originally planned to be called the Playstation.  The Playstation could play both SNES cartridges and “super discs”.

Unfortunately, as the result of a sour deal back in 1988, Nintendo parted ways with Sony.  Apparantly, the old deal would give Sony full control to games played on the CD’s. obviously Nintendo would not allow another company control over its core characters and possible profits.  Nintendo cut ties with Sony and made friends with Phillips again.  Unfortunately, Sony did not realize that Nintendo had completely dumped them until CES 1991 when they displayed a working demo of the Playstation unit.  Nintendo did not back the unit and instead expressed their devotion to Phillips “superior” products (a vast contrast to the reason they left Phillips in the first place).

Sony was understandably upset, but was not about to let this bad deal bring them down.  Since Nintendo broke the original deal, Sony had the right to release the Playstation that we know today under their own name.  Sony knew they had something here, so they decided to go with it.  To make the console an instant success, they guaranteed that it could Play SNES cartridges, but Nintendo soon put a stop to that.  Regardless, Sony made an impact with their console and became what it is today.

If Nintendo never approached Sony, would we even have a Playstation today?  What if the collaboration went through, Do you think the Nintendo Playstation would be the Top Dog, or the Pound Puppy?



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  1. I still really wish that this deal happened… Or that maybe once in a blue moon, Nintendo and Sony combine forces to make one super console.

    That way I wouldn’t have to buy multiple consoles in order to play the games I want to play…

    I wonder if the Nintendo Playstation would’ve been successful… I can only imagine it would’ve been. Maybe even more successful than the Playstation already is. Imagine FF7, MGS, Mario and Goldeneye on one console!

  2. Amen to that gojiguy!!!!

  3. I was shocked back in the day when this deal fell through. In turn, Nintendo created their own biggest rival.

  4. Yep I did know about the CD add-on, and it was Playstation. Hence the name Sony adopted with a capital S for their system and took the video game industry by the horn and turned it upside down.

  5. No, we wouldn’t have Sony without Nintendo

  6. I’m glad that the add on fell through because it just seemed like a knee jerk reaction to the MegaCD add on for the Megadrive. Back then add ons rarely worked, and even now Sony is having trouble convincing people to buy their Move controller, but I have to admit that Microsoft have done well with Kinect. Although the lack of software seems to be a bit of a problem for it. And I know myself that I wasn’t real keen on buying the WiiRemote Plus after already shelling out for four normal Wii Remotes.

    On the other hand as someone said, the deal fell through and Nintendo has a very big rival in Sony. What was once a Sega and Nintendo dominated area, Sony obliterated Sega, leaving them a 3rd party only company. I definitely don’t want to see Nintendo go down that path. Sega just isn’t Sega anymore.

  7. The only good that would have came out of this is that Nintendo would not have lost Final Fantasy.

  8. a “PS Xii 720” would have been the ultimate gaming machine, if all of them would join forces! ^_^

  9. I’m actually quite sad though that Sega made all the bad choices they did.. with the Sega CD and 32x etc..
    Nowadays everybody else is just re-releasing all the old sega games on new platforms, and it doesn’t feel like SEGA is putting the effort into making new great games anymore, since they don’t have to compete on that level with the consoles they are just handing out Sega games and living on their well known brand.
    I liked Sega… a lot