Poll – Getting online with Wii

[REMINDER: If you haven’t already, don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll. Results will be relayed via Infendo Radio this weekend!]

Wii owners are getting impatient while waiting for online gaming. Just imagine how much more fun Mario Party 8 would be if you could challenge a friend in another state. Who doesn’t think Red Steel would’ve sold better if it had online multiplayer? One could argue that Nintendo took the good part of a year to get the DS online, but it shouldn’t take that long for Wii. They already have an online experience in place, although it requires friend codes. Maybe Nintendo is going to roll out a new, friend code-less system for Wii. So what am I getting at? This week, we want to know just how impatient you are.

Which would you rather do?
Wait several months for no friend codes
Get online now with friend codes