Poll: Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter


Though the Street Fighter series has aged better, my money is still on MK — if only because the first two games were flawless victories of win.



  1. This is the kind of content that happens on Infendo when Nintendo’s E3 press conference completely fails. I’m not blaming you guys, just pointing out the fact that most us are getting more and more frustrated and downright bored with Nintendo’s complete abandonment of core gamers.

  2. Disregarding Kale’s reactionary OMFG the world is ending bullshit, I think this is good content any time of the year.

    I have fond memories of both games, eventually settling into a rotation of Lui Kang and Johnny Cage until they took my poor Johnny away and I lost a lot of interest in the series. The original games are great, but the crap they’ve put Lui Kang through (wtf is he a zombie now?) makes me sad inside.

    The gameplay can’t touch SF, and I’ve got plenty of SF arcade battles to remember too. Ken ftw.

  3. Is this even a contest. Mortal Kombat was kind of a fun novelty, with all the blood and the fatalities, but the fighting was terrible. Street Fighter all the way.

  4. I always preferred MK to SF. Don’t really know why. 🙂 I guess Johnny Cage and Raiden were just cool.

    Oh, and Tylor, I just read that Liu Kang is confirmed for DC vs MK, and he won’t be a zombie.

  5. I’m really sad Killer Instinct wasn’t in this poll. Those were definitely comparable to SF and MK.
    So because KI wasn’t on the poll, I voted for MK just because it had a cooler experience…Sub-Zero was awesome – his Ice shot way better than a Hadoken/Kamehameha 😉

  6. Roddy: Awesome. I could never picture the undead chirping off those rapid Bruce Lee noises.

  7. MK is a fun game, I spent many afternoons going to friends houses after school and wailing on each other in MK2. But The Street Fighter games are just plain better in pretty much every way.

  8. I’m a big time MK fan. I was never really into SF, although it is a good game.

  9. The controls in SF always made more sense to me and flowed better. Back, Back, low punch has always been less natural to me than quarter circle forward + punch. Street Fighter has always had the artistic edge, especially the Alpha games. I have never been a fan of digitized graphics. The over-the-top violence, blood and gore of MK really turned me off when it first came out. I always figured that was covering for something.

  10. i was better at street fighter but i liked mortal kombat better

  11. Without the SF2, there wouldn’t have been MK, so nya!

  12. Always found SF much more fluid of a fighter.

  13. SFII played more intuitively for me, so it gets my vote.

  14. was a tough one, but i went with street fighter. SF was just more consistently good, MK had a lot of ups and downs.

  15. I thought SF was the best, until I started playing MK. MKIII was the apex of the series and IV was a big let down. MK never recovered after it went into 3D.

  16. SF captured my imagination way more than MK. But I was in college when MK 2 came out and we used to skip class and go on arcade treks just to play it.

  17. I picked Street Fighter… but I’m starting to lean more towards MK…

    MK titles actually appear on Nintendo consoles!

  18. Keep telling yourself that, Bii. >.>

    MK > SF
    But then again… King of Fighters > Street Fighters. 😛

  19. Don’t need to, it’s documented. =P

    King of the Fighters, eh. Fun, but one of those OTHER fighting games like MK, that were simply following in the footsteps of greatness. You know, Street Fighter 2. :]

  20. Street Fighter.

    I just like the improvisation of combos you can do with the given moveset SF gives over MK’s actual combo inputs that you have to do for flowing combos. I like the fact that IT HAS aged better even though they abandoned Nintendo beyond VC.

    And Chun Li + Cammy >>>>>>> Sonya + Kitana. =)

  21. Is this a joke?

    Street Fighter wipes the floor with Mortal Kombat. Why is Mortal Kombat even in the same poll? Shouldn’t it be between two RELEVANT fighting games, like Street Fighter and Smash Bros.? (Although going by sales figures… it seems like Smash Bros. is the only relevant fighting game left.)

  22. Oh yeah, That MK ad basically exonerates the Senate for holding hearings about Mortal Kombat and violent videogames in the 90s. Why is the target audience for Mortal Kombat 5 to 9-year-olds? Shees.

  23. I enjoy both for different reasons, but I prefer MK overall. Let’s break it down geek style:

    Variety in character gameplay:
    SF has characters that are slow, fast, and everything in between. In MK, all characters move and jump at the same speed. Winner: SF.

    SF’s is pretty, but too generic. MK’s style is unique – dark and ominous, yet fun and cheesy at the same time. Winner: MK.

    Combo system:
    SF’s is fluid and graceful. MK’s is rigid and abrupt, making it perhaps less intuitive – but once you get used to it, it has a great rhythm and is a blast to play. Winner: tie.

    SF has some classic damaging moves, but MK has fun strategic moves that can change the course the battle. Moves come to mind like Kitana’s fan thing, Reptile’s stun ball, and Sub-Zero’s ice puddle. Winner: MK.

    So I like both, but MK wins IMO. I should probably mention that I’m referring to the classic games. I haven’t played any of the 3D MK’s or anything more recent than Super SF2.

  24. Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition > MK Anything. MK does have the better characters and plot (no matter how repetitive it is)

    Infendo looks great on the official browser. Video and flash re the only things missing and I rarely use either when I’m online. Reviews were off, this thig is not nearly as slow a they say it is.

  25. Super Smash Bros Melee.

    Oh, wait…

  26. Over at MSNBC.com they have Mortal Kombat 2 as the best fighter ever.

  27. SF2 – no contest. I tend to agree with Kale and ChunkyB.

  28. MK was not good till I played the new one on the Wii. It had motion controls and guess what lots of those controls where street fighter inspired! It was easy to pull off MK moves back then but now you can really kick ass as you go from one move to the other. What is funny is me and my brother can pull off any move we want but my sister only got waggle mistakes. It was really weird. Any way they should try this game again but give us a real sequel.

    I really liked the controls with a Wii. I would love to see SF4 try this idea out. Oyeah I vote for SF2 it’s art was better and the game play was better. Yeah scorpion was cool along with his copies but that got old real fast. SF2 just had better though out characters.

  29. going with street fighter. totally agree mk hasn’t aged well, although it used to be a ton of fun.

    street fighter always seemed to have more depth as a fighter; felt i had more control in it. and new versions generally stayed sharp and fresh. i’m a bit letdown that sf4 wont have parries- i thought they added a lot.

  30. MK all the way! I don’t like SF much because i think it just isn’t as much fun as MK. I take satisfaction in slicing off the head of my enemy as Baraka more than just KOing someone. I know that shouldnt be the only reason…it is’nt..To me SF is all about button mashing and knowing all the secret combos. In MK it helps, but it isnt necessary. You can pick up MK and play against someone who has more experience than you and you won’t get dominated like you probably would in the same situation playing SF.

  31. Tate you can beat people with well timed jump kicks and punches just like in MK. I thought MK was more about knowing secrets and juggles which was what actually broken the game play in the first place. SF is almost pure skill. Also the kills well If I have the right person it will look way more brutal than a fatality and much more satisfying. Hey but to each there own. If you haven’t played MK on the Wii with the new controls then go rent it and try it. It’s crazy faster!

  32. SFII all the way. It redefined fighting games as a whole. Before all we had were side scrolling fighting non sense. 400 of the same looking guys with no real difference in ability. Final Fight and Double Dragon forgive me and even the original SF sucked. The only thing cool about that game was that you could throw a fire ball. Yeah there was Pit Fighter, but I beat that with my friend in two days. Don’t get me wrong I love MK too and have many fond memories going across country on a trip with my family and kicking ass along the way and it brought the fun fatalities and such to the table. But there was something fresh and exciting about SFII. The worst part about all the fighting games was playing for the first time with a friend who knew all the moves and wouldn’t tell you any of em and then mocks you as he destroys you and your quarter stash.

  33. oh and if you think SFII doesn’t have plot watch the full SFII anime series. It is most excellent and there are no Jean Claude’s in it 😉

  34. only reason why ppl like sf is because its easy,shitty hyper combos vs mk which takes skill

    sf is shit compared to mk