Ghostbusters only Sony exclusive in PAL territories, US multiplatform release still a go

ghostbusters-wii-atari01-copyGhostheads in US territories can breath a collective sigh of release thanks to Atari CEO Jim Wilson, who contacted GamesIndustry this morning to assure them that Sony only bought the rights to the upcoming Ghostbusters game in PAL territories.

“The Sony Computer Entertainment partnership is exclusive to Europe, Atari is going to be publishing on all platforms in the US on June 16,” clarified Wilson.

Until now, fans had feared that the Sony buyout would have outright canceled Xbox 360 and Wii versions of the title, but new information shows that this a Europe exclusive deal.

Although it still seems like a shady move that’s unfair to the fans, screwing Europe seems to par for the course when it comes to game publishing.

Ghostbusters will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii on June 16th 2009.

11 Responses to Ghostbusters only Sony exclusive in PAL territories, US multiplatform release still a go

  1. Dark Jinjo says:

    The talk is that it will still come out for the 360 and Wii in Europe as well, just not at the same time as the Playstation releases. Sony’s deal just assured them a timed exclusive. So even the PAL territories will still get this eventually on all their systems. Way to go Sony…I guess.

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  3. Jamie says:

    Thanks for that sony. Thanks a lot… -_-

  4. Reynard says:

    I’m in Australia, and now I have even more reason to hate Sony, thanks a fucking lot.

  5. Lite (on the DSi Browser!!) says:

    Yay! We still get it in America!

  6. gametaku says:

    I dislike that Sony screwed over Europe, but then again I’m really liking that Sony screwed over Europe.

    no, don’t kill me. I guess everyone in the EU is just used to stuff like this. I feel for ya, umm…protest some way, some how!

  7. It’s funny that people are mad at Sony for buying the exclusivity rights, but not mad at Atari for selling them.

  8. srkelley says:

    Atari is sick and poor and is always about to go under or is in some ad situation. It’s like dangling a grab before a starving person, they know what they did.

  9. deepthought says:


    great job with the picture! this [sackman] is TOOOAST!

    second, this is great news for everyone in NA! sry for europe though…
    I plan for this game to get much exclusive playtime when it’s released. probably have some friends over to watch the movies again too!

    – egon, i’m with venkman: he got slime!
    – that’s great ray!


  10. InvisibleMan says:

    Oh, goodie… Now hopefully we can all go to sleep soundly tonight and continue blogging about The Conduit first thing in the morning!

  11. Mattiac says:

    🙁 I’m from Europe and I want it in PAL! Even though we are used to not getting games here such as the wonderful SNES games Mario RPG, Final Fantasy 6, EarthBound, Chrono Trigger and many more. 🙁

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