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Super Smash Bros. 3DS Open Tournament

At E3 we were treated to a thrilling Super Smash Bros. tournament. Now it’s your turn to compete. The “Super Smash Bros. 3DS National U.S. Tournament” has officially been announced. The open tournament will be held on October 4th, one

What the fanboy?!

If you would have asked me just 4 years ago what the be all end all video game system was, I would have told you without even thinking about it the Nintendo Wii. I was fresh off my first couple

Hank Chien is the New King of Kong

I’m sure you are all familiar with The King of Kong, the documentary about the fierce battle between Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchel for the coveted Donkey Kong high score. But, just recently, a new champion emerged. Hank Chien of


One bit of news that has my curiosity piqued regarding this year’s E3 is the rumored PSP redesign. I’m seriously interested in a hyper-online connected, UMD-less portable. Even so, this time next year I guarantee I’ll have a DSi instead

Microsoft “can’t say” it will beat Nintendo

Microsoft is coming to terms with a harsh reality; drunk on rum and with all cannons firing, Nintendo has stolen the booty this generation. In an interview with BusinessWeek, Microsoft’s Don Mattick admitted his company has realistic goals in terms

Video games in 2008: It’s great to be a gamer

The game industry is, undeniably, already well on its way into a new era. It is, like a certain presidential candidate, change we can believe in. It is both an exciting time (as a player) and an uncertain time (as