blackwhitedsiOne bit of news that has my curiosity piqued regarding this year’s E3 is the rumored PSP redesign. I’m seriously interested in a hyper-online connected, UMD-less portable. Even so, this time next year I guarantee I’ll have a DSi instead (still not going to buy a $200 handheld, Sony, sorry!). That said, the minor competition a PSP2 (and iPhone, for that matter) would give Nintendo’s undisputed king of handhelds is completely welcome.


  1. I won’t buy a $200 handheld that still doesn’t have two analog control sticks. Also there’s that annoying “download only” purchasing. No thanks!

  2. Different over here in the UK. The DSi is £10 more than a PSP.

    I just don’t see the benefits of buying a DSi over a PSP cost wise. I bought a PSP as a portable media thingy – my DS is purely a gaming device. The DSi has a few bells and whistles but as the PSP could never replace the DS as a gaming device, the DSi can never replace the PSP as an all in one media device – especially not when it is more expensive.

    If/when my DS breaks, it will simply be replaced by a DS.

  3. LOL! A POSP can never compete with a DS/DSi!
    Sony still has some of those incompetent executives running their console creators, which is still why Sony is in their miserable dungeon called 3rd place.

  4. A PSP and DSi are the same price: $169.

  5. Here the DSi is £150
    the PSP3000 is £135

    I’d buy a PSP2, the UMD drive annoys me, it’s a waste of battery life.
    I don’t like the idea of download only games, but maybe if you could buy games on a read-only/DRM-filled install card?
    It’s not as if you’re gonna want to install PSP games onto multiple consoles is it? not until the PSP2lite is released and by which time it’ll be linked to your PSN account anyway.

    Buy an M2 card with the game on it, and install it onto the 16GB inbuilt memory card or run it from the M2 card!

    I’d always buy a nintendo system over a sony one, but sony do have the edge with traditional games, even if that is only because 3rd parties choose to waste nintendo consoles

  6. Well, what is the advantage of a DSi over a DS? DSiware since games designed for DSiware can take full advantage of the extra bells and whistles that the DSi brins under it’s hood.

    I’ll be trading my DS Lite for a DSi in July 20th and I’ll purchase two 2000 Nintendo Points cards to get up to speed on the DSiware releases.

  7. @EdEN
    don’t forget, you will get the 1000 free points from Nintendo (at least i think the promotion will still be going on).

    As for a PSP redesign… don’t tell me they are planning on adding a touch screen. At one point I was planning on buying a PSP, but the DS’s touch screen won me over. Then I found out the DSi was coming out so I waited for that and bought it. I haven’t regretted it since.

  8. $200?!? I thought the PSP was about $10 cheaper than the DSi!

    Yep, I just checked, and the PSP 2000 is $155 today at… the new PSP 3000 bundle is $170! Will that make a difference in your decision, Jack?

  9. PSP sucks. I don’t want one. All the add-ons they’re making were done by Nintendo first. They added an internal mic, a touch screen, and internal memory to compete with the DS, and now that the DSi is out, they can’t keep up.

  10. Download-only? Blech. Just move onto cartridges or get a UMD drive that can actually load a game in under 3 minutes.

    But seriously. I’m staying far away from downloadable games… That’s the real blasphemy here.

  11. You know Sony won’t be able to resist massive amounts of DRM on their downloadable games, so no thank you.

  12. Note: the $200 is a fake price I made up for the still-unconfirmed PSP2, not the current PSP 3000 or existing bundles. Sorry for the confusion!

  13. In any case, the vast amount of awesome games coming out (and that just came out!) for the DS this year will stop me from buying either the DSi or the PSP… I already have like a dozen waiting in line for me to get through!

  14. @ InvisibleMan:

    You do know the DSi plays DS games. If the only games you’re playing are the new PokeMon games, then there’s no reason for you to not get one of these bad boys.

  15. Sorry, hold on, forgot to change my name.

    @ InvisibleMan:

    You do know the DSi plays DS games. If the only games you’re playing are the new PokeMon games, then there’s no reason for you to not get one of these bad boys.

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