Nintendo buys Japan

Nintendo Japanese hardware salesOk, so that headline is a tad misleading. I’ll come out and say that right away. But you have to forgive me for the slight deception, because Nintendo is selling more than 100,000 DS units per week and the Wii is now the prime minister. Ok, it’s not, but wouldn’t that be just the cutest little thing ever?

On a more serious and sane note, the Wii did sell 69,748 units, bringing the year-to-date total to over 1.6 million units.

Here are the full sales figures for the week ending June 3:

DSL: 123,140
Wii: 69,748
PSP: 26,358
PS2: 11,814
PS3: 8,998
Xbox 360: 2,219
GBM: 310
GBASP: 247
GC: 226
DS: 71
GBA: 16

And there is absolutely no truth whatsoever to the rumor I’m starting now that Japanese retailers are offering a free PS3 with every PS2 sold. None at all.